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This group is for the , Caucasian Dog all over the world. Owners of this breed are a special group of people willing to share their lives with a bellicose dog breed of dogs. If you own, breed, or have an interest in the Caucasian please join and get involved in this group.

Located between the Black Sea on the West and the Caspian Sea on the East, the (Caucasus) mountain range of Eastern Europe represents a true melting pot of various cultures due to a number of nations calling it their home through the ages. Today these influences are still strong and a rich source of the cultural wealth of the region, as well as numerous political conflicts. Encompassing the territories of Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kabardino-Balkaria, Daghestan, Ossetia, Turkey, Chechnia, Ingushetia and Iran, the Caucasus mountains are also home to one of the oldest living Molossers, the magnificent Caucasian Shepherd Dog. In reality, the term "Caucasian Dog" should stand for a group of breeds and not for a single breed or a favored variant. You may hear the breed referred to as the or #CMD

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  • If you have Caucasian Ovcharka dogs please join this group and share your stories and photos with us.

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