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1985 óta foglalkozom ezzel a fajtával. 1985-ben vettem az els? Sarplaninac-ot, ez az ország 67. éve. Bucskónak hívták  . Átugrott egy 3,30 m magas kerítésen. Amikor sétált, a farka mindig fel volt, úgy érezte, hogy a király, és így nézte a többi kutyát. Beleszerettem ebbe a fajtába. Jellemz?je a nyugalom, az er? és a harmonikus mozgás .......

I've been dealing with this breed since 1985. In 1985 I bought the first Sarplaninac, the country's 67th. His name was Bucsko. He jumped over a 3.30 m high fence. When he walked, his tail was always up, he felt like the king and looked at the other dogs. I fell in love with this breed. It is characterized by peace and strength. and harmonious movement .......

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It is great to see a Sarplaninac Kennel represented here. Thank you for creating this organization and posting your photos. They are awesome.

  • So cute puppy 

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    • Sarplaninac puppies are always so cute - big and fluffy.

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