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MD Is On a New System

Over the past couple months I spent some time testing the new UNA system platform for Molosserdogs.  I have finally made the switch from the Dolphin system to UNA and hope you find it friendly and informative. Login or register and check it out.

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  • Hello Gary,

    I don't know what the new system "UNA" means or what you can do with it.

    But I logged in the new UNA system and I do hope I can still reading your interesting stories and facts about all the breeds you are presenting.

    I do enjoy this already for many years.

    Keep up the good work!


    Rex Keeman - Belgium

    Login name   "Regi"

    • Hi Regi,

      Thank you for your comment.  Always trying to make the system better for the love of the Molossers.

      Still working on the site and getting the hang of things.  Best wishes.


      As Admin

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