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Hello Molosser Fans,

After several hours of keyboard jamming on my desktop computer (remember those), I am pleased to announce that the first group of breed profiles is updated and the list is now available for you to browse. In the Molosser Group 1, you can find a listing of the original and other rare breeds that you may not be aware of yet.  You can view the complete list of the true to type Molossoid breeds here.

I will now start working on Molosser Group 2 and let you know when it is ready.

Comments are welcome.

  • Thank you Gary for all your effort!

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    • ? you are welcome Alaa. I am working on the Group 2 list now.

      Then a bit more tidying up to go.

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      • Tzarina was re-homed yesterday; sad but it was the right thing to do

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