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Hello Alaa,

Can you tell me why she was rehomed? I am just curious and non-judgemental.  I know you love her very much and the decision was not easy.  Please share if you can.

Best wishes,


    • Hi Gary; this is the same dog that there was a big fuss about when she was 8 months old; do you remember the story re post title CAO Assessment? Tzarina is now two and half years old and no signs of improved guarding or shepherd ability; she kept jumping the fence to play with our alpaca, and our alpaca kept hurting her legs; at 2.5 years old she still wees out of excitement meeting a visitor for the first time; not even a bark to alert us to a 4x4 driving into our drive way even after a big scary dude got out of the utility vehicle; she is 'perfect' for someone who is after a pet or a sweet companion dog; I loved Tzar dearly that nearly two years after his death and am still not recovered from his loss; Tzar was a superior LGD; Tzarina is a ballerina that is useless but sweet; basically, for me she is a dud dog; I had enough of looking after her; she will be happy in her new 16 acres home and her owner will be happy with her; it was the best for both of us.

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      • Yes, I remember very well as you were concerned about her temperament. It seems that she did not improve her guarding abilities.  It is something that I am finding with many of the rustic breeds in the west now. They are completely watered down and basically useless as guardians.  Thankfully, we still have two good COs.

        Terrible sorry about Tzarina not coming into the typical CAO temperament.

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