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 A Pekingese named Wasabi won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Sunday. He beat out a fantastic Whippet, a sheepdog and a Samoyed that was the top-ranked show dog in the country. 

How does this Pekingese beat the top ranked show dog in the country. Oh wait, he did not - the Judge did.

Read more if you dare not to be disgusted with the politics of dog shows in the USA.

    • Ok - so I will make the first comment. First of all I am sure some love that dog very much and probably spent thou$and$ on it.  Let me quote a couple snippets from the "judge" who selected this furball as the BIS winner. Patricia Craige Trotter said.

      "It was a show for the ages"

      Wasabi was a tiny dog "that feels like he's 10 feet tall" - how does she know this?

      As she weighed his merits against his breed and his six rivals, Trotter said, “he stood there like a lion.” - this is an insult to lions?

      Really - can anyone in their right mind picture a Pekingese 10 feet tall and standing there like a lion?

      There were many other fantastic dogs at the Westminster show which would have represented the dog world much better.  

      Ant this is why - I think the AKC does dogs owners in the USA a huge disservice.

      Congratulations to the owner of Wasabi.

      Love those comment on the article.

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