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Camping Neo's

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  • nice mastini..our mastini!!

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    • Fantastic photo Salame.  It is great to see Neos out in nature.

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    • Iam Hungry Mom! Great shot.


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      Mayhem’s Pickles is a lovely female out of Mayhem’s Chemical Warfare (Aka Bosco) and Elysium de Bluhouse. This female is harmoniously balanced between structure, breed type and function. Her movement is fluid and beautiful to watch, she carries a lot of her sires physical attributes and abilities. Her willingness to please and her sweet nature towards her people make her a joy to own. We have big plans for her, please check back for more updates soon.

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      Mayhem’s Mr. Cupcake is out of Mayhem’s Chemical Warfare (Aka Bosco) x Elysium de Bluhouse. He is a large male, but his size doesn’t seem to hinder him in any way. He has great movement, lovely temperament and is an easy keeper. His personality is everything that I look for in a dog, which is good with his people but standoffish towards strangers. Cupcake is not overly aggressive in nature, but when pushed he comes out swinging. Right now we are focusing on his show championship, but hope to start working him on the field soon. Check back for more updates on him. We have high hopes for this dogs future.

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      I am from China and when I see dogs I will take photo for this site.  Nice site.