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CaneCorso Italiano Lineage History

Trouble is you can research the "lines" of the dogs all you want, you still won't know what the dogs actually are. I mean the amount of other breeds that were used in the "recovery" is evident in the breed today on both sides of the ocean, all you have to do is look at the state of the breed. Boxers, Bull Mastiffs, rotties... What is written on paper is just that. On another forum a member did a DNA test to see what he would find, the outcome was quite interesting...
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    • Does Anyone have a decent amount of knowledge on Italian CaneCorso lineage [br][link={e_FILE}public/1265178058_5951_FT0_camera_photos_137.jpg][img:width=500&height=375]{e_FILE}public/1265178058_5951_FT0_camera_photos_137_.jpg">[/link][br]
      • What are you looking to find out? Are you looing for information about the breed in general, researching a specific line, etc.? Thanks.
        • History of bloodlines- Dyrium,paoletti,corini. etc.. i have decent knowledge of the breed and the history of the canecorso(KahniKorso) looking for more specific knowledge of lineage
          • Sorry, can't help you there.
            • Yeah Thanks !!!
              • I am learning about this all myself now as I have Cherberus, Dyrium, Paoletti and Corini in my two girls. The best place to find out some of this info I think would be on the international Cane Corso forum as there are some old time breeders there will knowledge to the original lines. Some of the older breeders in the US and Canada might also have the knowledge you are looking for but don't often populate the forum board so are probably easier to contact by email.
                • It is great the you are doing research on your breed. However, I would not get too wrapped up in the "lines". Lines usually come with their benefits and set of problems in any breed.
                  • I am doing my research because I want to know more about each line and the recovery dogs and why they were used and what lines they came from. I am not wrapped up in any particular line as you can tell 4 of the main ones are in my 2 dogs but I like to research stuff that interests me and knowing which dogs made up which lines and seeing if there are still some of the prominent characteristics from the recovery dogs in the dogs that we see today.
                    • Ahhhh - fantastic. Thanks for the clarification.
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