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Cimarron Uruguayo - My Journey

 That is a big move and we will be with you to share the journey. You mentioned that you will be showing your Cimarron Uruguayo and I am curious about which organization has judges for them.  Can you share that?

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    • I figured I would start a new thread since now it's official that a puppy is coming home with me in September!  I am utterly excited not only because I have a new dog to show & compete with but because I am getting a very interesting breed of dog!  The other day, the breeder sent me a few pics of my boy & I wanted to share them here with you all, so we can all drool together until he comes home!







      Yesterday, I paid 1/2 of the deposit for shipping costs. The puppy is already paid for & now I just have to sit back & wait.

      I do have plans for this puppy...Since he is registered with FCI I will be able to register him with UKC to compete.  I plan on doing conformation, Rally, Weight Pull, & Nose Work.  I know that Cimarrones have also been used as cattle herders too, so if I start seeing some herding instincts - we'll try herding too!  I plan on calling this little guy Bruno, I think it fits him.  :-)


      I hope you all are with me throughout this journey, this is going to be FUN!



      •  That is a big move and we will be with you to share the journey. You mentioned that you will be showing your Cimarron Uruguayo and I am curious about which organization has judges for them.  Can you share that?

        • Hey Gary,

          I guess you can now disregard the IM I sent you about not being able to reply.  LOL!!!


          Supposedly UKC has judges since they do accept them.  But I am going to email them & ask about that.  I will definitely keep you posted on that! ;-)


          • Oh another update.....we got a date of when little Bruno is flying home:  August 6th!!!  Woohoo!  The only down side is that I have to drive almost 4 hours to pick him up in NY (I live in MD).  Apparently the import/export agency that the breeder is using wanted a more direct flight & NY was it.  Still exciting though, we'll be going on a road trip with little Bruno! :-)

            • I'm learning new things as I go along.  I only have experience showing in AKC & UKC. So I contacted the ARBA (American Rare Breed Association) and asked them if they accepted Cimarron Uruguayo, they replied that they do - they recognize all breeds the FCI recognizes.  I did ask them about judges & their qualifications, they stated that their judges may or may not have seen a Cimarron before but they have judged other similar molosser breeds & they also have the FCI breed standard to refer to.  I also learned that with the ARBA the dog doesn't need other competition in the ring to gain points, your dog earns points based on how they conform to the standard. So in other words, my dog can get a CH title being the only Cimarron in the ring.  So that's pretty cool!  Now I have 2 venues I can compete in!

              I was thinking about maybe getting into French Ring, but I have plenty of time to think about that.  I will be very busy with conformation, Rally, Agility & Nose Work anyways.  :-)



                So I contacted the ARBA (American Rare Breed Association) and asked them if they accepted Cimarron Uruguayo, they replied that they do - they recognize all breeds the FCI recognizes.

                 Excellent. ARBA is a great organization that is headed up by Bob Slack.  We have shown Caucasians with ARBA for many years and know them well.  For a low stress dog show experience - go to ARBA. Rarities Inc. was also a good venue but they have made way for the International Canine Kennel Club founded by John to guy who did Rarities. I also know them. Good organizations. Enjoy the shows.



                • Oh cool!!!  I have never shown at ARBA shows so I didn't know how legit they were.  My only experience has been with AKC & UKC.  Many of the AKC people I came across sort of looked down at ARBA shows, making it seem like it was a registry for BYBs or puppy mills.  Good to know you have had good experiences with them, I definitely plan on showing at ARBA shows - they have plenty of shows within driving distance from me! :-)

                  • So as I am doing research, I found the following link about the Cimarron that I absolutely love:  http://miotip.com/tener-perro-cimarron/

                    The article is in Spanish but it lists 6 reasons why a Cimarron Uruguayo is a good choice.  I loved this article because all of the reasons listed in the article are exactly the reason why I selected this breed for my family & I.

                    Just wanted to share this article in case anyone comes on here wanting some information. 

                    I seriously can't wait until August 6th for this little guy to come home! :-)



                      Well - it seems that this description can fit any breed... So I would not bother with it.  

                      1: They are intelligent

                      Who categorizes this race and unlike many others is his great intelligence, which allows you to calculate situations, these dogs are the most calculating and intelligent planet, so it is an excellent choice if you want a smart dog in his home.

                      2: They have a great value

                      Unlike other races, this type of dog are very valuable and very rarely, they cower before a situation, these are dogs that are not intimidated and therefore it is important that from small educate them, to learn to obey.

                      3: They are educated

                      ANQUE are very brave and without fear dogs are also very mannered dogs that serve the call of love, for his great intelligence that lets them know when the master tells them something.All education of these pets must be implemented before 10 months old.

                      4: They do not need much care

                      Unlike other dog breeds bighorn, you need little care, virtually all they need is to have current vaccinations and ½ sack of food per month, so can supplement with vitamins. You can have a dog of these at a cost of less than US $ 100 per month.

                      5: They have a temperament tameable

                      Unlike the Rottweiler this dog has a less aggressive temperament, they are more tameable and are better for home environments, where we have children or neighbors who visit us regularly.

                      6: They recognize their owners readily

                      This dog unlike other races, does not lose the sense of smell so easily and hardly confuse your master. They keep a recognition that is based not only on the smell but also in the ear.

                      Yes - AKC and UKC people may say that about ARBA but many of their breeds started in the rare breed shows before they were "recognized" by the snobs at AKC... again, pay them no attention. UKC I have found to be a good organization and representative of their breeds.

                      I say go to ARBA and UKC shows and forget about the AKC for now.. one thing I know for sure is that you do not want your breed to become an AKC dog.  We can discuss why if you ask.

                      • I have to laugh at Google translate, I'm a native Spanish speaker so the article doesn't read so vague like it does in English. It just loses substance with the translation. But when I first communicated with my breeder we talked about all of the points in the article the descriptions he used fit very much what the article was trying to convey. 

                        I know that AKC can ruin breeds, I have seen it with German Shepherds.  Some of those dogs in the ring can barely move with how they are breeding for those horrible rears!  AKC doesn't accept Cimarron Uruguayos and I am not going to lobby for that either.  I am good with competing in UKC (which I love) & ARBA.  I don't need AKC in my life at all.  ;-)

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