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CO Breeder

It is wonderful to see a rancher/farmer using to defend their flock and property.  From their words below the love of their animals and the desire to protect them is inspiring.

"We are people who have a passion for our animals.  Creating our Michels Mountain Sheep is a three stage breeding process that takes years of investment, but we love to do it!  The most gut-wrenching feeling in the whole world is to see the success of your work laying in torn shreds of hide on the ground.  We planned for that lamb two years ago."

We love our sheep, and that is why the pain of our losses have fueled us to search the world over looking for the best possible defense for our flock.  The Caucasian and Sharplaninatz are a great team together and compliment each other very well.  They are both proven against wolves and apex predators."



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