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Common misconception's

I wonder what kind of cat he has.. cougars, Lions, cheetah - lol

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    • What are some stupid statements you here about dogs like the following. "Soon as a dog taste blood they go viscous" or "Pitbulls brains get too big for their skulls so they get vicious" and ect. State some examples of stupid statements you here about dogs all the time on the Internet or outside the Internet.

      • About Doberman - after the age of seven years in their skull will growsmall bone and will pressed their brain. As a result they go crazy and kill the owner while he sleeps during the first night :)

        • haha makes me laugh :)

          • Here are some beliefs from my country :

            Roof of the mouth -  as more dark and black it is so is a dog more vicious.

            If dog eat raw meat becomes more meane.

            Shepherds dogs born/congenital with short tails is more flexible.

            Dogs do not bite drunk men.

            • auw auw this one hurts believe me.   

              Dogs do not bite drunk men.

               Two days ago a man came to my friends house, she owns 7 cats and two Leonbergers and the guy said :

              when a dog fights with a cat i put my money on the cat.

              Well my dog gives the cat 1 second  and its done so i put my money on the dog.

              • Yes Lol. That is funny desiree because I have a friend who thinks that his cat can beat any dog or coyote in a fight. And said his 6 cats could beat a coyote pack. Lol.

                • And the same guy said Great Danes are the best security/guard dogs in the world.lol lol lol lol. Could laugh all day. I also know a person who said german shepherds and Rottweilers don't need training to be guard dog you can just say the commands and they will attack! Also the person said Rotweiler, Doberman, and GSD will let you in the house when robbing but won't let you out! But the biggest one is; pitbulls are born to kill MAN!!

                  • And a lot of men alway say when a dog wants to attack me i punch the dog on the nose.

                    Well if you can punch a dog on his nose he wasnt on the runn to attack you at all.

                    • I wonder what kind of cat he has.. cougars, Lions, cheetah - lol

                      • I also love when keyboard warriors say they could beat a ovcharka in a fight; and easily beat. Lol. And they think that any strong man could beat a ovcharka in a fight by snapping their neck or by knocking it out. Lol. I guess they don't know a strength of an ovcharka.

                        • My cat could take a coyote in a fight! all eight(and 70) pounds of her XD. because everyone knows the winner of a fight is the guy whose friends show up first, and my dog is VERY protective of my family XD

                          some of the dumb ones here

                          you can crate dogs together if they get along(I would absolutely never)

                          giving your dogs raw meat increases aggression and dominance

                          if you leave your dog alone for longer than five hours its animal abuse

                          if you use any corrective tool on dogs its abuse(such as using a crook when training cattle herders to ensure that they do not hurt the stock animals)

                          Pit bulls(and most bully breeds) have an inherently aggressive nature, and even if they seem kind, will eventually kill small animals or hurt someone(that is such a load of crap)

                          Being a washingtonian in general is difficult, because everyone is incredibly liberal, and make a HUGE amount of excuses for their dogs poor behavior.


                          • Some think that "a warn or dry nose means the dog is sick"

                            This is false

                            "You can't teach and old a new trick"

                            Lol. Another doozy

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