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Fixed female with an intact male?

imo, (going past dominance now) It doesn't matter half the time imo. If a dog is interested... Then they are!
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    • I am little confused here maybe you guys can help me out. My dog is turning three in July and he is intact. I had my brother's fixed shelter pit female over yesterday for a play date. Now she was fixed a year ago or so. Bernie wanted to ride her like a pony and kept licking her genital region, at one point he was even tasting the area where she urinated. I am puzzled, I thought that when a female was fixed her chemical/hormone balance changes and she would no longer be desirable to an intact male? Now I know humping is also associated with dominance but I could call him off from bothering her and he would lay on the ground and leave her alone. He didn't growl and didn't posture in an aggressive manner, he was stalking her the whole time and when he cornered her he tried to hump her.. I def corrected that very quickly because I don't want her to be the one to do it. Since I know a lot of have owned dogs for a while and even bred them. I would love to hear the explanation of this behavior.
      • imo, (going past dominance now) It doesn't matter half the time imo. If a dog is interested... Then they are!
        • Betsy had an interesting take on this subject. I guess the real test is to see if he tries to mount another male when I bring them around. He has been very good with dogs but yesterday kinda made me realize he is getting older and he wants SEX lol I think it's getting close to the time when I will have to fix him :(
          • David, it may also have to do with when the female was spayed. They will still secrete or excrete indications that they are indeed female but the massive flow during a heat cycle is missing. So, I think what is happening probably quite normal behavior especially if the has been with a female and know the business end of things. I have had neutered males but not spayed females and the intact females still mated with the spayed males...
            • Gary, He has never been bred and will never be bred. I thought i'd make that clear, because he never did this before. Interesting fact that they can still have sex even though reproduction is not the goal..
              • If you think that is bad, check out the bonobos apes.
                • @ LeeRobinson~LMFAO!...I remember watching something on them...I just almost spit out my pop!
                  • lolol Gary I am just searching of a scientific explanation haha I am sure it could be worse.
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