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Kangal vs CAO Differences

I found that the Caucasian Ovcharkas we have raised came into their temp between 8 and 12 months.  There are some variations of course but for the most part you know by 12 months if they will be a good guard dog.

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    • What are the key differences between a Kangal and a CAO physically and temperment? Asides from their history they are very alike in my opinion.

      • I think the CAO is more dog agressive, CO is more humen agressive 

        And i think the Kangal is less dog/humen agressive than the CAO and CO

        My experience is that the CO and CAO are more independant

        I think the kangal fits more in a dogpack than the other two.

        I also think that the CAO is still closer by the original breed than the CO. (Breeders are breeding more heavy bearlook co,ruins the breed)

        • That's exactley what I think too. But asides from aggression are there any major differences.

          • I have had the pleasure of owning both a Kangal that I imported from a shepherd in the Sivas region of Turkey and currently two CAO.  I do not know that I can make any accurate assumptions regarding breed temperament differences, as I have observed a rather wide range in temperament within the breeds.  For instance my male CAO (intact) exhibits a higher defense drive against strange human males on property, more accepting of woman and children. Off property he is good with everyone.   My female (intact) is more accepting of humans, is more alpha than the male, has a short trigger with dogs, especially females, and will not tolerate any male dog so much as glance at her in a "challenging manner" on or off property, and is a nocturnal barker (not so good for the neighbors).   Neither COA wonders or ever attempts to undermine my fence.  The Kangal also displayed a territorial protective and defense drive, with slightly less hostility to men than my male COA.  The male Kangal that I owned was more alpha than the current male COA that I own.  Of the three specimen that I have owned (2 COA, 1 Kangal), the female is the most dog aggressive.  None are/were aggressive to humans off property (the Kangal has unfortunately passed).  I have however, observed other Kangal and COA displaying a rather wide variety of temperament behaviors with much cross-over between breeds.  Perhaps the Kangal as a breed may be a bit more social than the COA and amenable to obedience commands on a consistent basis.  I also owned Great Pyrenees in the past, and prefer the Kangal and COA.  Both male Kangal and COA that I owned tended not to consider small to medium sized dogs a threat or challenge and would not respond to even an aggressive confrontation by dogs say the size of a pitbull.  When the dogs were of greater size, or with cropped ears they would assess the risk and respond to the other dogs aggression.  

            • Great post, thanks man. May I ask what you mean by more alpha though?

              • I think we all have an idea of what alpha implies.  She demands other dogs submit to her.  She is more protective of food, bedding, objects that the male.  If you were to give the male attention instead of her, she would attack the male, similar to an alpha male great pyrenees that I owned several years back.  She is a usurper in that if fed in the company of other dogs she will consume her portion then chase the other dogs away from their food and eat it or at least prevent them from gaining access to it.  She is a pack leader and will correct other dogs that she perceives as displaying inappropriate aggression.  

                • The female demands other dogs submit to her, regardless of size or sex.  

                  • Funny my co accept my sonns friends under the age of 20 years old. He is very men agressive,females and kids are okay with him and are not in danger.

                    He will never accept a man.

                    Inar is great with dogs. Other dogs dont challenge him, small dogs he doesnt care at all.

                    An other big dog must attack him , than the switch goes on and will end the figth very quickly.

                    • I think it more depends on the individual regarding temp.

                      • here is Volka my CAO at 8 months , 30 inches height and 125 lbs.

                        • At what age do CAO start to develope protectiveness?

                          • From my experience I can say that until they reach the third year are still kids. ?lthough my current CAO before reach one year has already  four people bitten badly - hospital care.

                            But then it can be said that already completed their development mentally and physically after 3 yearslate maturing in comparison with other breeds.

                            • most lgd's show their guarding instincts from when they are a few weeks old, but it will only start to develop when they are 1 year and a half to 3 years of age.

                              i now recently see a drastic change in behaviour in my dog, since she almost exactly turned 18months.

                              • Okay thanks guys.

                                • Volka started showing obvious protective behavior around 6 months, now at 8 months he is protective of me and the house...the other day we were walking in a prk and he attacked a tractor that was driving towards us:) but he is such a pooch with kids!

                                  some more pics at 8 months old

                                  • So anywhere from 8 months to 3 years? Or is it more like 8 months?

                                    • it becomes obvious at 8 months and it gets more and more i suppose

                                      • Thanks, nice dog by the way!


                                          Thanks, nice dog by the way!

                                           thanks, i left him uncropped, natural ears and tail

                                          • I found that the Caucasian Ovcharkas we have raised came into their temp between 8 and 12 months.  There are some variations of course but for the most part you know by 12 months if they will be a good guard dog.

                                            • i guess it's just like with humans, that you have early bloomers and late bloomers.

                                              some develop it at an early age, some at a later age, some will need another dog to build up confidence or just to show them how.

                                              ( i saw this with a 3 year old female who learned it from a 4/5 month old male pup)

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