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Leash training CAO male pup


dragged him all around until he knew that he couldnt fool me around anymore

Yes indeed. I have done that with 6 COs and it worked great. Do it when they are pups because you wont be able to drag the adult around. 

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    • I have been having problems lately leash training my CAO Kyhoon. He has a habit of stopping and just lying down. I tell him to come and he comes and I praise him. But despise this he will stop again a couple seconds later. This process can keep on going 15 minutes. At this point I can't really walk him. I have tried a choke chain it does not work. So could you guys help me with suggestions on how for him to become obediant on a leash? 

      • Ow that make me smile because i raised 3 co pups and all three did the same thing. I have tried a lot, did the same thing as you but that isnt working.

        So at one point i gave up went to a place with no people and dragged him all around until he knew that he couldnt fool me around anymore.


        Watch out, they are smart and with their cute looks and funny tricks they play with you. And it is the game who is smart and in charge.

        • So is that is what you suggest? That worked for you?

          • It worked for me but i dont think that it is the best solution))) so i hope that you get some better advice.

            (I ignored them and started walking and dragging,  didnt said a thing not even a word when they  fallowed me.)

            Its normal wehn you fallow the leader so thats the reason why i dont praise them

            • Okay thank you very much.

              • hehe they do that my pup is almost 9 months and 130 lbs ! so he really gets me tired. he walks great but when he decides its time to lie down he just does and rolls on his back like dead meat and no matter what he would not stand up.

                i use a prong collar and small jerky repetitive moves would sometimes work. pulling him wont work you have to jerk the leash 3 to 4 times consecutive. or pull in the direction opposite to his posture as if you are making him stand up. or hold something he likes a treat or a ball and entice him to stand up and treat him when he does. as you walk him just make few sudden pulls on his leash when you feel he is going to stop and fall down again.

                • how old is Kyphoon? coz my Volka did that since he was 3 months old till now.

                  • Desiree is correct. You have to make the dog walk. If you don't the dog is training you to allow it to get away with that behavior. I know some people don't like to use choke collars or pinch collars. But they do work. You can try using the pinch collar and correct him or continue to use the choke and be more firm with the correction. You can also do what Desiree did and drag him until he understands that he must walk until you say stop. Dog are smart. Many will try to see what they can get away with. They also learn I must follow what I;m told.

                    Some will suggest not feeding the dog until after your walk or training. This let the dog know it must work for its food. That is a common method used with working dogs to make them work for everything.

                    • Thanks for all of the advice guys. Kyhoon is 10 weeks old. I tried Desiree's method and it has worked great! He is already way better! Like way better!

                      • That's good news!!

                        • good suggestion above..walk him on an empty stomach ..he gets lazy after he eats...always train him when he is not full

                          • That is a very good idea.

                            • Gilles is also right, i do that sometimes in some ocasions.

                              Sometimes Inar decides that he want to walk into another direction and than he hangs in the leash and i am now not strong enough to winn that battle so :

                              He is hanging backwards, i pull , he uses more waight backwards than i release the leash and releash.

                              They hate that because they cant find the  balance anymore.

                              And sometimes i use short jerks fast and that is very annoying for them.

                              Great that you posted an update!

                              Most of the time people answer a question and you never hear if it worked out yes or no.

                              And i am always curious if it did.

                              By the way its even dangerous to train with a full stomac

                              • Ow another thing.

                                I trained gsd with commands and it woked great,

                                Co's diffrent story.

                                You need to be more physical for an early stage to prevent body power games.

                                I am not that big and will always loose the power/weight games so to prevent that i use my body from they one.

                                For example: ahh he is so cute he is standing/hanging pushing my body well even such a small puppie is looking how far he can go.

                                So i lift my knee firm suddenly against his chest so he eed to step a side. I dont say a thing but i claim my space with my bodylanguage.

                                Be firm with your bodylanguage and dont use too much words. Its very importend to do that when they are very young.

                                Same when to jump on you, i lift my knee very firm with no words, he will understand very soon that you dont want that.

                                I have seen major differences between the co and gsd and developed a total diffrent way to raise them.

                                They need to earn your attention and dont take it for granted when they learn that very young they are way more easy to raise.


                                  dragged him all around until he knew that he couldnt fool me around anymore

                                  Yes indeed. I have done that with 6 COs and it worked great. Do it when they are pups because you wont be able to drag the adult around. 

                                  • Thanks for all the suggestions! I will post a picture of Kyhoon in a few days.

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