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MQH Paul and agility training


The other day I was doing some training with EGP Black Beauty and MQH Paul . I built some agility equipment.  I decided to get video even though they aren't ready for competition yet. I plan to update the videos as they progress.  After creating the video I wanted to have Paul check out EGP Pretty Girl Sasha to see if she was flagging. She wasn't. I was waiting while she was being put up.  A guy I've never seen pretty much snuck upon me. Paul the 17 lbs Patterdale Terrier lunged and was growling.  He was trying to bite this guy. I had no idea he was that close if not for Paul.  I pulled Paul back and they guy made several attempts to squeeze by. Then he said excuse me. That kinda upset me. I told the guy he needed to go around. I don't get why anyone would try to walk that close by a dog that is seriously trying to bite you. My son was giving me a hard time regarding this. He said I was wrong for making the guy walk around and asked if I corrected Paul for his behavior.  I told him I told Paul good boy! Yes I said it right in front of the guy. Paul did his job protecting me and our home.

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    • Oh, it's cool.

      Does anyone know where I can adopt a Carpathian Shepherd Dog? UK or USA?
      I have seen and heard a lot about this breed, I think it would suit me and I was hoping to be able to have one for company.

      • I'm not familiar with that breed. You might ask around on this site. There are so.e very knowledgeable people on here. Many are knowledgeable about different breeds that most people never hears about. 

        You might want to create a discussion that asks about that breed.

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