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My boy Butch

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    • I wanted to share the growth of my boy after reading a thread from a member whose Cane Corso passed away at 2, VERY sad. I'm also jealous of Castanha, I don't know if he recalls but we joined around the same time and I've witnessed the growth of his girl, she looks VERY good by the way and I WISH you'd quit rubbing in those BEAUTIFUL shots. With THAT being said here's the growth of MY boy. Hope I can figure this out. Butch is also a VERY good family dog and his protective instinct has started to kick in and he's been a BEAST in PP from day 1. Gary, sorry if I overdue it but I was touched.[br][img:width=258&height=258]{e_FILE}public/1325735154_18749_FT0_my_pics_076.jpg">[br][link={e_FILE}public/1325735154_18749_FT0_my_pics_087.jpg][img:width=500&height=668]{e_FILE}public/1325735154_18749_FT0_my_pics_087_.jpg">[/link][br][br][link={e_FILE}public/1325735154_18749_FT0_my_pics_058.jpg][img:width=500&height=668]{e_FILE}public/1325735154_18749_FT0_my_pics_058_.jpg">[/link][br][br][link={e_FILE}public/1325735154_18749_FT0_my_pics_095.jpg][img:width=500&height=668]{e_FILE}public/1325735154_18749_FT0_my_pics_095_.jpg">[/link][br][br][link={e_FILE}public/1325735154_18749_FT0_my_pics_062.jpg][img:width=500&height=668]{e_FILE}public/1325735154_18749_FT0_my_pics_062_.jpg">[/link][br][br][link={e_FILE}public/1325735154_18749_FT0_butch_12-22_2841.jpg][img:width=500&height=836]{e_FILE}public/1325735154_18749_FT0_butch_12-22_2841_.jpg">[/link][br][br][link={e_FILE}public/1325735154_18749_FT0_butch_12-22_2846.jpg][img:width=500&height=836]{e_FILE}public/1325735154_18749_FT0_butch_12-22_2846_.jpg">[/link][br]
      • He looks really nice. You can really see the development in the 6th picture developing head and shoulders.
        • Beautiful Ambull, is he a hybrid?
          • Thanks to both of you and yes Midgard he is a Hybrid leaning towards the standard side. Dad is Johnson mother's standard.
            • Yeah moussine I didn't notice until I put the pictures up as far as the head, chest and shoulders growth, LOL.
              • Hey Alan, of course I remember. GREAT LOOKING BOY, congrats!! Now you gave me pictures to compete with...LOL He is huge, I just love the hybrids! He is two now right? Sorry about your friends dog, hard when they die so young!! Post more pics in the future please.
                • Beautiful Dog :)
                  • Thanks all, Castanha/Nicholas, he turns 2 in May. Also the dog wasn't actually a friend of mines, I read about it in an older thread that opened back up, I don't remember the gentlemen's name but it was pretty sad so I HAD to show my boy's growth. Castanha I can't compete with YOUR beautiful scenic shots, I MAY have to find somewhere here in the Midwest to hike and take some shots, LOL. Of course I KNOW my shots won't be able to TOUCH your gorgeous mountain shots, BUT it gives me something to work towards, LOL.
                    • nice pics and thanks for sharing. if i was to post a pic of my dog barking at the camera i'd probably get ripped on for representing my dog in a bad way.
                      • Thanks, BVGARI1? Cawkazn, don't know WHO or WHY they'd rip on you but it's just a barking picture when I was ACTUALLY playing with my dog so PLEASE don't ruin MY thread by bringing in previous problems with others? I started this STRICTLY as a sign of respect for my dog and those that lost a dog early. Only sharing and showing LOVE. Thanks for the nice pic and thanks comment though, LOL. PEACE
                        • Hey now worries man, if you ever visit Southern California with your boy, I'll be happy to take you guys on a cool hike. He looks really good, keep it up and nice to see you paying respect to your K9 companion!
                          • Thanks Castanha, don't be surprised, I have relatives in SoCal and just last week I was thinking of making a cross country drive with my boy in the summer. Is it okay to call you Nic or Nicolas?
                            • Yeah, Nico is good, Castanha is the name I was baptized with in my Capoeira class (part of the tradition). Make sure to let me know if you plan a visit to your relatives, we'll hook up and do some hikes. my girl is super friendly with all dogs and just wants to play non stop.
                              • Cast i don't live but a couple of hours away and id like to do some hiking in those beautiful places u go too
                                • In which direction from LA do you live? As long as our dogs get along, I am in...
                                  • Cool Nico, we could also discuss Martial Arts, I'm a 5th degree blackbelt in Okinawan Karate. I ASSUME the Capoeira class is martial arts, correct?
                                    • I live down in San Diego county
                                      • Yes Alan, Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art. So you do Karate, cool. Mark, let do it sometime. Are you ever here in the LA area?
                                        • ye il probably come up in the next couple weeks my wife's cousin lives there and is the best baby sitter ever lol i'l make sure to PM you a couple of days before so we can definitely hook it up im excited haha
                                          • cool. let me know because i am in the process of purchasing a home in the next 3-5 weeks, and i can already feel the stress...lol If we can make it happen, i'll take you guys on a trail not far from my house (30 min drive) where there is a river and a nice trail. You'll need hiking boots for sure.
                                            • i got a couple of old comfortable combat boots that should do that trail some justice
                                              • combat boots will work. which dog do you plan on taking with you, can you post pics? thanks
                                                • it'll be athena shes better with dogs and she'll be fine with you once properly introduced she'll also be kept leashed..... rambo is DA and is very untrustworthy with strange dogs he will not be attending :(
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                                                  My boy Butch
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