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Well this is something I do every year,I take 2 or more  of my dogs to the Discovery Dogs event at Earls Court in London,this time I only took 2 of the dogs.It's an early start as I don't drive and it's public transport all the way.Staring with a 20 minute journey on the top deck of a double decker bus at 6.30 am to get to the city center where the train station is:




Then after a 10 minute walk we arrive at the train station:






Then after an hour on the train we get on to a tube train(underground train)





Then we get off the tube train and walk into the arena  arriving at 9.00 am and go to our breed stand to be met by the crowds of people waiting to photograph and get up close and personal with the dogs and ask lots of questions.



And its not just 2 legged visitors:


The after 7 and half ours of all the attention and photograghing is time to return home back on the trains, tube and bus.Dogs and owner shattered lol 







Andy UK



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