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Paws and People Training




I have hiked through mountain ranges on four continents, in the front and backcountry. Hiking is the one thing I think I have done more than any other thing in my life, and when I share that with my dogs, everything feels pretty complete! Safe to say, I love being in the mountains.

One of my signature programs, Ready, Set, HIKE! was designed to help people practice good trail etiquette with their dog, understand trail and seasonal choices, basic first aid, and more ...

There is a Grand Canyon size difference between taking an untrained dog off leash and letting them run on a trail like they would at a dog park, and taking a trained dog off leash and hiking together, as guests in the backcountry.

This program was made into a DVD - you can find it on TAWZER DOG.

I now offer this awesome information in my new E-BOOK. Check it out!

If you are looking to be a responsible trail user (please!), and enjoy years in the backcountry with your dog, this is going to help - Nancy



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