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Question regarding bloating..

Yes, IF your dog is going to bloat....Then it will. Let him drink water when he is thirty, just do not let him drink the entire bowl!
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    • From my understanding kibble takes about 12 hours to fully digest. If my dog gets fed every night 45-1hr after his workout can I have him drink water to cool down in between our workouts? Here is a pic of him doing what he does best lol
      • Yes, IF your dog is going to bloat....Then it will. Let him drink water when he is thirty, just do not let him drink the entire bowl!
          • Thanks Jessica, I am going to read the link now. See I have a two part workout for him, now that it's getting warmer I am not sure if part 1 will bring him up too hot before the second part. I usually don't let him drink water until we are done with the workout, I am just a little worried that with this heat it may be too much for him. He wouldn't have eaten for almost 24 hours though... so I was hoping that it would be safe for him to take couple of sips before we finish out.
            • I've never had a problem with bloat, but I think a lot of that is because my dogs drink from automatic water valves like this one. They're about 2ft off the ground and the dog can only drink so fast. I also feed raw which helps. I do have automatic feeders for if I'm away, but they're raised. With that I've never had to control when or how much a dog can drink or eat after exercise, and have had great results. On top of that there's no worry about them knocking a bucket over on a hot day while I'm gone and over heating. There's also no daily watering, cleaning buckets weekly so they don't turn green. The dog's don't eat them like they do plastic buckets. No more half water half slobber buckets on hot days to clean up, and I think I paid 4 dollars each. I had to do a little plumbing because I plumbed them into my kennels but for one dog you can just put it on a hose spigot. It was also really easy to teach the dogs to use them.
              • Bloat can happen w/o any water involved, fyi.
                • I know I've heard of dogs boating from barking all night and things like that, but I've never had any problems. Though that may also have something to do with my preference for dogs that aren't really wide or barrel chested.
                  • Can't get rid of the dog now lol haha jk.. well just concerned so I will have to watch how hot he gets. Ideally I would like to condition him to drink water only until the work is done. I've had him work for me last summer at mid 80's for quite some time and he was able to deal with it fine. However, now that our workout is shorter but much more intense he gets hot much quicker.
                    • David, Why do you think your male might bloat?
                      • I am afraid that if he drinks water after the roadwork and then we go into the sprint workout he might bloat from that..
                        • Unless you know of this being a hereditary issue within Bernies lines (imo) he is not a dog at great risk for bloat. Let him be a dog, do what you want with him and when he's thirsty Let him drink. I know of more dogs who bloated in the middle of the night, or while owners were at work...Then After drinking water or eating. You can try to prevent it, but typically if its going to happen~It Will.
                          • Yeah I doubt either of Bernie's parents did more than being stuck in a cage or chain spot their whole life.. :( I will allow him to cool down a bit, I think Im going to get a kiddy pool and have him lay on it after our workout to cool down right after.
                            • There you go, I like the kiddy pool idea. I had one sitting in my yard a few years back for that reason and mine only used the pool as a HUGE drinking bowl. It made the largest bowl of brown jello-like water you've have EVER seen! After getting covered in the nasty funk trying to dump it I threw the Sucker out!
                              • You can let your dog cool down and get wet lips, but it has been suggested by many dogmen that you shouldn't allow a dog to gorge itself with food OR water either immediately before or after serious work. In fact, some old game dog reports talk about "sponging" the dog's mouth, head, and belly when it when working to ensure the dog is cooling down without allowing the dog to drink too much. I don't think those old time dog men of game dogs just made that stuff up. Heck, even I don't feel like working when my belly is full of water or food. And right after hard work I certainly don't want to eat a big meal. I want to cool down first. I may want some water to fight dehydration, but I don't think it is wise to engulf one's self...or to allow one's dog to do so. I do believe in good judgement. Sure, some dogs may bloat no matter what, but there is no need in INTENTIONALLY increasing the risk.
                                • David, another way you can be sure your dog is never at risk, is to do a surgery. That's something that many ppl do here in LA when they own a bigger breed type of dog. The way it's done, the stomach is somehow "secured" in a way that it can not flip, no matter what the dog does.
                                  • I've heard of that, they basically staple the dogs stomach to the inner abdominal wall.
                                    • Typically what is preformed is called stomach tacking. Tacking a stomach doesn't prevent it 100%, dogs still can bloat. For sure Lee, no one was saying to allow the dog to gourge itself after a work out. Only not to live worried about that your dog [color=#3399ff]might[/color] bloat. He could also get hit by a car tomorrow too, no reason to sit and dwell on "What If's". Here is some info regarding bloat, this is a problem with many giant breeds including my own. http://greatdanereview.com/html/bloat_article.html
                                      • Here is a pic from yesterday following the workout :)
                                        • Nice pic. You said he was 78lbs and 23 inches right?
                                          • [quote1334926032=Castanha] Nice pic. You said he was 78lbs and 23 inches right? [/quote1334926032] Thank you sir, that is correct. Although now that his body has completely changed I don't know how much he weighs. The height still the same I assume..
                                            • Bloat is a serious and painful problem. We should avoid them as much as possible and one way of doing it is to avoid using doggy water dispensers that are high.
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