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teddy @ 7 months old!

He looks a handful. Very nice.
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    • teddy is 7 months old now.. he is turning out to be a powerful himalayan mastiff! :) but he is calm, laid back and gentle until something angers him! he gets very aggressive to dogs of his own size! and if he sees another himalayan mastiff, he becomes uncontrollable aggressive!! even as a puppy of 4 months, he never used to get along leola, who is a female living 12 KMs away from him.. now matters have turned out to be worse.. both the dogs hate each other. but it is always him who makes things worse.. if he behaves himself, she accepts him.. but this guy accepts her only as a subordinate and never as an equal!! that is when i have found him to be intensely aggressive.. if he faces other large dogs, he calms down after initial hostility and gets along n play if they also play.. on the other hand, he loves stray dogs.. he never harms them.. when he was 4 months old, i had taken him to leola and dusty was a pariah living with leola. after we failed to make them get along, we tried if at least dusty would get along with him.. but hings got worse here.. teddy was totally off guard, waiting to play with dusty as dusty was being brought. i also thought that they'd have nose to nose contact.. but dusty bite teddy's forehead as soon as he could reach teddy! in fact he leapt at him! that was a bad day for a 4 months old puppy.. teddy then started growling n at that very moment, the fight was broken (as dogs were on leash) and we saw if teddy remembers dusty when teddy was 6 months old.. we tied teddy to a pole in a park n let dusty lose while 2 of us were standing near teddy to stop any phyisical violence should it take place.. as soon as dusty raised his hackles, teddy started pulling n growling and barking against dusty! at this time, dusty wasn't as eager to bite teddy as he was when teddy was smaller.. dusty was standing a few feet away, hesitating to approach further.. and brother of dusty's owner came to teddy to pet him, whom dusty regarded as a leader of his pack n dusty also tried to pounce on teddy and teddy was waiting with with big mouthopen! but we didn't let them fight and we fortunately broke it before even they could touch each other! but his aggression is shown only towards dusty.. but not to all the stray dogs.. but when he alone with me, teddy is a very calm and well mannered dog.. and one more thing about him is, he eats a lot! he has a great appetite and is a fuzzy eater! if i want to give him calcium pills, i need not have to keep it middle of a treat n give it to him.. nor do i have to open his mouth n give it.. i just give the tablet casually and he eats it! he eats almost anything edible.. and is highly possessive of food! whe he was 2-3 months old, he never used to let me touch his food bowl.. but after constant n stern discouragement, he is alright now :) in short, he is a cunning,determined, very stubborn,intelligent,calculative and calm dog. and he is very defensive too! a typical mastiff of himalayas! :)
      • He looks a handful. Very nice.
        • thank you :)
          • Give us more pic's please!!! Can't wait to see him mature-He's looking good =O)
            • teddy is a nice looking dog arun. one thing i have just noticed (i hope you don´t see it as something negative) is that i have seen a few hovawarts that look very similar to your dog. is it common that the himalayan mastiffs resemble very much hovawarts and the other way round *-)
              • [quote1250316954=babigirl] Give us more pic's please!!! Can't wait to see him mature-He's looking good =O) [/quote1250316954] thanks.. i'll surely load more pics! @PUG-BRIT-AK well, yes.. upto a certain degree, there is resemblance.. especially as far as the color is concerned.. Hovawarts look like some HMs.. because HMs are primitive dogs! they originated in himalayan mountains! ;) but as far as intangible characteristics are concerned, i bet that hovawart can't resemble HMs! because sometimes, HMs are almost opposite of 'obedient' especially when they are angry or when they find something 'interesting' hahahahaha!
                • Hello Bright - The album is located at this http://molosserdogs.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=970 so feel free to fill it up with photos.
                  • nice.. i didn't know that so many of my friends are also putting in pics! i'll join them.. :)
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