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"When I was a child in the 1960's there was about 11% of our human population that had a chronic illness.

Today, 2022, over 58% of us have a chronic illness, and not surprisingly, this trend is the same with our dogs. After all, dogs live in our homes, so the choices we make for ourselves we often times make for our dogs.

The REAL problem I see is the normalization of these issues in our dogs. They aren't normal, nor should they be expected, these are man-made. So in short, your choices count, not choices based off of what marketing is telling you, but by reading and learning more, a whole lot more. And it is a whole - choices for locomotion, mental exercise, medical choices, nutrition, and the social and emotional balance of home - Nancy

My friend Kohl Harrington who produced and directed PETFOOLED, and premiered here in Bozeman, started to investigate more thoroughly the pet food industry for his sequel, and in turn founded and is the director of PET-SCHOOLED .

This new venture has opened the doors for pet owners as well as veterinarians to learn about canine nutrition sans the pet food industries overreach and marketing.

He recently sent me some information I thought you would all like to know, that the FDA, AAFCO, and some of the huge grain based pet food companies, with the biggest lobby groups - are pretty much all one - 

"In my research over the years, I discovered public regulators often tout with pride how they follow the guidelines set forth by AAFCO, as if it's some 3rd party organization of independent experts, when in reality it's simply a collection of public state and federal "regulators" operating privately, when they should be conducting rulemaking and lawmaking via public meetings.

I had long been upset that public regulators funnel so much taxpayer funds to their private corporation, make "regulations" in private, claim those regulations are to protect public health, and in the same breath, refuse to provide the "public" with free access to those regulations they created while on their public job time, using public funds.

So, I sued over this issue and forced the regulators to provide free copies of these so called "regulations". And in that suit, a lawyer for AAFCO (the public regulators operating in private), named John Dillard, went against me hard, saying that the "regulations" were copyrighted, and the regulators would vigorously defend their copyright to this material. I looked into this lawyer John Dillard a bit more, and discovered he had long been the attorney for the LARGEST grain based lobbying group in the pet industry, AFIA.

My head almost exploded off my body when I discovered that information. I called him and confirmed that he was indeed representing both the regulated and the regulators. I then called this information out to the regulators who operate the private corporation AAFCO. They didn't care. They continue to operate in private, with this attorney representing their interests at the same time the attorney represents the interests of those they regulate."" 



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    Christian husband and father of 4 children.   Former owner of 2 C.O. and 1 CAO females.   Live next to Vandercook Lake Park.