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Would Jewish shepherds have used LGDs 2000 years ago?

Yeah, they would've kept simple LGDs. Not very large or richly coated. They'd also have lighter, erect-eared, almost pariah-like herders.
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    • Someone at my church asked me if there woulda been dogs with the shepherds 2000 years ago -- around the time Jesus came to be. She asks because our church does plays .. and they're considering adding animals. So .. were there LGDs 2000 years ago ... AND .. were they in that region .. AND .. possibly even more important .. would the Jewish people of that time used them? (Or, were there dogs, but they used herders? From what I know about the shepherds of that time/area ... I wouldn't think so .. but .. you never know.) Anyone know? Links with history would be helpful too.
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