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Rest om Peace Julius - 19 Dec 2011Molosser Dogs is your best source for unbiased information and discussion.

The Molosser category covers a wide spectrum of breeds, regardless of their type and use. Whether the breed is a mountain shepherd dog, a sled-pulling spitz, a hunting dog, a fighting and baiting dog, or even a toy companion breed, if it is descended from the ancient Moloss stock of dogs, you will find it here. They are divided into three groups.
Group 1 - The first group of molosser which are bred true to type.
Group 2 - Molossers that are not bred true to mountain type.
Group 3 - These breeds are either directly linked to the 1st and 2nd Molosser Group, but bred away from common type.

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Please help to stop this from happening again.
10 days ago · From Gary_Sicard
Restricting dogs by breed do not prevent bites.
39 days ago · From admin
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Kangals at work
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Military and Police Dogs
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Sarplaninac At Work
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Dogs and Owners
From gsicard
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Let there be dogs!
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Your freedom to be you, includes my freedom to be free from you.
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I'm an italian man living with same tibetan mastiffs
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Edward Mayhew On Dogs

Dogs are intelligent and honorable creatures, and no man will have reason to regret who teaches himself to trust in their better qualities. Mayhew 1854

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03.07.2015 07:36
Posted by desiree
Nice to have you back Sarah
03.07.2015 09:20
Posted by Polishtatra
Have nice weekend everyone !
03.07.2015 10:33
Posted by gsicard
Yes - it should be a very nice weekend here in the USA as we get ready to celebrate Independence Day on Saturday.
03.07.2015 16:46
Posted by Ruud
hey guys
03.07.2015 17:09
Posted by Ruud
Have a great july 4 my friends
03.07.2015 17:35
Posted by gsicard
Thank you Ruud.
04.07.2015 03:09
Posted by Polishtatra
Have great 4 of july over there !
04.07.2015 08:13
Posted by admin
Thank you Frederick
04.07.2015 09:51
Posted by desiree
I like the front page like that, showing the photos
04.07.2015 16:05
Posted by Polishtatra
Yes it's realy nice desiree :)
04.07.2015 18:20
you too Typo
05.07.2015 10:52
Posted by gsicard
Thank you Des, Frederick, Jamal - Make sure you rate some photos - so my dogs can get off the carousel. :)

Governor Abbott Signs House Bill 910: Texas Open Carry Bill New law t
gsicard · 21 days ago

I found this article on the Men's Journal website and it seems to reaffirm something I have been con
admin · 110 days ago
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