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Hybridization of wolves with shepherd dogs in the Caucasus region might be more common, and more recent, than previously thought, according to new research. Scientists found recent hybrid ancestry in …
2 days ago
Bull terrier
2 days ago
Mastini Mayhem Kennel located in Michigan, u.s.a.
5 days ago
Central asia shepherd dog male, 5,5 month old PARENTS: father: EZGER IZ RUSKOG IZVORA (I-Bairak x Bayburi Shandi Zhamal) YOUTH CHAMPION OF HUNGARY YOUTH CHAMPION OF THE RUSSIAN BREED CLU…
6 days ago
One of the most popular and numerous breeds on the planet, the German Shepherd Dog is the result of a dedicated effort to create a worker of unmatched resilience, trainability, intelligence and versat…
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Berlin, Germany
6 days ago
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GSD of Old
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Working Spanish Mastiff
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Dog owners in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia might want to consider penning up their dogs more often.
2 days ago · From gsicard
Selective breeding affects many toy breeds.
32 days ago · From admin
Research has shown that dogs agility is affected by right/left brain theory.
32 days ago · From admin
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