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2 days ago
2 days ago
This beautiful 26 inch collar was made for Nayan by my neighbor, master leather maker Brent Tubre.  The workmanship is superb and he made it from two different leathers for extra strength and durabili…
3 days ago
Tracey asked me to have my neighbor make a 26 inch collar for one of her Estrella Mountain Dogs.  The collar was finished yesterday and is ready to ship.  Tracer - Here is your collar. Contact me for…
5 days ago
Hybridization of wolves with shepherd dogs in the Caucasus region might be more common, and more recent, than previously thought, according to new research. Scientists found recent hybrid ancestry in …
9 days ago
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Dog owners in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia might want to consider penning up their dogs more often.
9 days ago · From gsicard
Selective breeding affects many toy breeds.
38 days ago · From admin
Research has shown that dogs agility is affected by right/left brain theory.
38 days ago · From admin
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21.04.2014 14:41
Posted by 1234
Never even knew that site existed. Lol
22.04.2014 10:44
Posted by gsicard
it was a well kept secret.. lol.. actually that is how MD started many years ago
22.04.2014 17:23
Posted by 1234
How and when did MD start?
22.04.2014 20:16
Posted by gsicard
That is a long story which I should write someday.. however, md was started in 2002 as a photogallery and in 2003 it bacame a full website powered by phpnuke. In 2007 it was switched to e107 and in 2011 it was switched to Dolphin to embrace the social network capabilities.
22.04.2014 23:29
Posted by desiree
Ow my thats a long long time ago,getting old. I learned almost everything about the co here, almost from day one.
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