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Rest om Peace Julius - 19 Dec 2011Molosser Dogs is your best source for unbiased information and discussion.

The Molosser category covers a wide spectrum of breeds, regardless of their type and use. Whether the breed is a mountain shepherd dog, a sled-pulling spitz, a hunting dog, a fighting and baiting dog, or even a toy companion breed, if it is descended from the ancient Moloss stock of dogs, you will find it here. They are divided into three groups.
Group 1 - The first group of molosser which are bred true to type.
Group 2 - Molossers that are not bred true to mountain type.
Group 3 - These breeds are either directly linked to the 1st and 2nd Molosser Group, but bred away from common type.

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Persian Mastiff (Persian Mastiff, Persian Shepherd, Iranian Mastiff) The Persian Sarabi dog also known as Persian Mastiff, Persian Shepherd and Iranian Mastiff is a breed of livestock guardian dog i…
6 hours ago
3 days ago
On August 24 at 4:40 A M PST Cyndel Had her litter of seven American Bull Dog puppies The litter are all NKC registered Since Lucious De Leon my stud and Cyndel are both NKCregistered we have one boy …
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Light Hammer Ranch, Tehachapi, United States
4 days ago
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America's 7th largest city has many stray dogs
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A couple asks their locality to exempt their blind Staffy Bull from BSL
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Edward Mayhew On Dogs

Dogs are intelligent and honorable creatures, and no man will have reason to regret who teaches himself to trust in their better qualities. Mayhew 1854

27.08.2015 10:36
Posted by mastini-mayhem
Blah to Texas!! Temp's too high, I don't like to cook on my pavement.

I looked around for a good article from the creative commons that I could post here to assist our me
gsicard · 34 days ago

Governor Abbott Signs House Bill 910: Texas Open Carry Bill New law t
gsicard · 75 days ago