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Charles V against the protestants . (may of 1552; escape because of the protestant coalition under the command of  Maurice of the Saxons from Innsbruck to Villach)  
  • Ivan H Plauchu considering the time and the location - what breed of dog do you think that is in the drawing?

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    • The Alaunt Gentil, or as the Spanish named it, Lebrel de presa Alano, the Spanish Bulldog was not considered as a court dog, but, the Lebrel de Presa Alano (Alaunt Gentil).

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      • I'd have to disagree, the gentil was a racier hound, as you see with the white dogs below-


        I'd suggest if anything that dog being depicted is an alaunt boucheries, like a classic Alano espanol. Such dogs were crossed with greyhounds to make gentils, or bull lurchers as we know them today.  

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      • The Spanish Kingdon of Naples, use to ask to spain for Bulldogs (in this case, a straight translation of Alanos vaqueros), and Alanos Lebreles for their sports.

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