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"Bones" my new bull arab pup.

Really Great pics mate !! His muzzle looks good .
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    • Picked this little fella up yesterday, seems to have a great temperament so far- Have to spoil them a bit at first to settle them in right?
      • He looks great man!
        • Nice Looking pup! Good Luck with him. Nice Looking Neo in the top corner? Richard
          • I don't know where in Oz you're at, but look for member named Bushwick, his real name is Rodja. He has a Drathtaar a jagdterrier and a bullarab he is getting ready for hog doggin.
            • Cute pup. Hope he works out for you.
              • really nice looking pup. congratulations man.
                • Very nice pup. Keep us updated with pics as he progresses. We don't see a lot of bull arabs in the states. Are you going to be hunting boar with him?
                  • Thanks everyone. Hopefully he'll see some pigs in his time but I didn't get him because I needed a dog to catch boars, he's just gonna be my partner in crime to go adventuring around the place, will probably chase more turkeys, hares and foxes than boars but hopefully will go on a few pig hunting trips on some properties of my relatives and friends. The other dog in that pic is fat bonnie, she has a little neo in her but more ddb and apbt. She's a stocky midget of a dog but a good character.
                    • Cool looking puppy. What breeds were involved?
                      • The official origins of the bull arab are 50% ebt, 25% german shorthaired pointer and 25% english greyhound. But it would be foolish to think the different lines don't have influences from other breeds, some openly do, and the rest almost certainly do too. This pups dad was very big and solid, about 55 kgs with a very boofy head, and that's not uncommon for bull arabs. I'd say such dogs almost certainly have some bullmastiff and probably dane in them, just a little. On the other hand after 30 years evolving as bull arabs it is possible they've just gotten bigger. Bully greyhounds can also be 55 kgs, and while they're not pure ebt x greyhound the other breeds known to be used aren't large- airedale and apbt. They just got big. This has happened to bull arabs as well, but yeah I think at the same time a lot of lines have bullmastiff and dane in them (and some others have bloodhound, and some have australian cattle dog, etc).
                        • Congrats, he is a cute looking thing, no wonder you spoil him...lol Always liked the breed, a real interesting cross! good luck with him. btw, who started this program 30 years ago?
                          • What do you think of this Bull Stop by Mike Hodgens? And is he really the creator of the Bull Arab?
                            • Well my opinion is the bull stop is stupid gimmicky nonsense, and I think mike hodgens is a puppy peddler. It's just too obvious reading his spiels about the bullstop and bull enduro. He did create the bull arab, but serious boardoggers were duped by him, bought the dogs and turned them into seriously great boardogs. The same could happen with his bull stop and bull enduro, although I doubt it because people aren't as naive as they used to be. Basically I don't think bull arabs should be judged by their creator. It just so happens to be smart ingredients for a boardog. and then all the serious boardoggers who have worked and bred them for the last 30+ years (mike hodgens not being one of them, he was banned from owning dogs over the last 30 plus years) have made the bull arab into a great dog. Hodgens hasn't had anything to do with them for a long time and they're all the better for it. You asked my opinion, now I risk being sued (he's always trying to sue everyone), but I can only call it as I see it.
                              • Hope you dom't get sued...lol but you do make a good point when it comes to the way he advertises his Bull Stop and Enduro, it seems a little too much. On the other hand, it doesn't mean the dogs are bad. He just tries to hard to sell, and usually that scares people. Thanks.
                                • The only reason he's so quick to sue is because he's come to know his way around a courtroom. He tries too hard to sell, makes outrageous claims about them being the best in this and that way(enduro has the best heat tolerance, and weighs 60 kgs? never seen one but I know that's physically impossible), and then charges too much. Guess he's been out of the game too long and doesn't realise everyone these days is wise to the ways of an obvious blatant puppy peddler. Once upon a time shit like this worked, go back further and people could sell magic revitalising tonics after pretending to cure a paraplegic out of a crowd that was actually their perfectly healthy brother. The bull arab was the dog that taught him he could make money off people by selling them dogs, but at least back when he created it he was really involved in boar dogging and cattle mustering and etc, and all the people he was selling the dogs to were doing these things with them. The bull arab is beyond reproach, you can't argue with what it has become, they're consistently proving themselves at a high rate. But if you look at an ad for a bull arab litter it's nothing like an ad for one of hodgen's litters, it's more like "arab pups, parents hunt off ute, $250". It's just no nonsense real pig dogs. What's funny is hodgens now slanders arabs and says they're no good, simply because they're now his competition. Can't stress enough that arabs now really have nothing to do with him, I wish they would change the (frankly stupid) name of them to bully pointers or something like that.
                                  • Some pics from today- The little fluffy dog is just some free roaming neighbours dog that can fit through the fence, lol.
                                    • ~AWE~ I'm in LOVE with this little guy....Give him a kiss for me!
                                      • Yeah he is way too cute, he's supposed to be tough! He better get ugly soon or I'll end up spoiling him and making him a sissy, lol.
                                        • already exploring the woods...lol
                                          • Cool dog, he looks like he will have a pretty blocky head. I hope this thread doesn't bring 'the one who should never be named', to start ranting in FULL CAPS ALL THE TIME. Keep us updated mate.
                                            • From a little while ago- And from this morning-
                                              • Very cute.
                                                • He's a great looking pup Tonedog. Bull Arabs are definately in my top 10 list as I prefer "types" over most breeds. I like his black and white also.
                                                  • Yeah well they're trying to turn them into a breed as we speak, which to me only means the beginning of the end because it means people will start breeding them because they're "bull arabs" rather than breeding them because they're pig hunting dogs. That's pretty much how and why every breed got ruined the way they did. But for now at least bull arabs are still great dogs, for the most part. Little vid- http://s48.photobucket.com/albums/f231/gun_bullety/?action=view&current=06092011049.mp4
                                                    • [quote1315409071=Tonedog] Yeah he is way too cute, he's supposed to be tough! He better get ugly soon or I'll end up spoiling him and making him a sissy, lol. [/quote1315409071] Naw! Maybe cute now. But looks very self assured from the photos. Going to be a great dog. Richard
                                                      • Some more recent pics (sorry about the quality on some of them)
                                                        • He's a cool looking little pup. Looks healthy and athletic. Keep the updates coming.
                                                          • Nice pup. I look forward to seeing him develop. Thanks for posting.
                                                            • Thanks guys, yeah he's shaping up to be very athletic, can already jump up everywhere he shouldn't, lol.
                                                              • Really Great pics mate !! His muzzle looks good .
                                                                • getting big fast, nice strong looking boy for sure!!
                                                                  • Thanks for the bump guys, couple more recent pics-
                                                                    • Cool shots, really like the li'l guy. How's he reacting to his environment, any "purpose" awakening in him yet?
                                                                      • [quote1319876664=Tonedog] I wish they would change the (frankly stupid) name of them to bully pointers or something like that. [/quote1319876664] Dogo Australiano.
                                                                        • [quote1319877517=Wolf] Cool shots, really like the li'l guy. How's he reacting to his environment, any "purpose" awakening in him yet? [/quote1319877517] To be honest, not really. His only purpose is annoying the hell out of my other dog, lol. He hunts her and lugs her up like she's a pig (and I don't blame him for making the mistake- she's a squat stocky ball of meat), but so far is pretty disinterested in wild animals. Very half assed prances after the odd turkey is about the extent of it. Hoping this changes. It should, but who knows, every dog is an individual. I've heard of dogs his age already swinging on little pigs, but have also heard of dogs showing no interest until they're even 2 years old. Deerhounds seem to be like this from what I hear, sighthounds in general it seems can take a little while before they "switch on", and he's thrown to the sighthound a fair bit in design, can often go hand in hand with what's under the surface I've noticed. Not that he's even old yet, we'll just see what happens. Kind of tempting to catch a rat in a cage trap and blood him on it to speed things up a bit, but I feel it would be unethical. lol. I will sure as shit try and sick him onto a rat if I see one in the yard though, which I have from time to time. But yeah right now he thinks life is all about playing around and being a dick, lol, no real purpose in him yet. edit- oh he is using his nose alot though, finding dead animals everywhere, often comes running out of some bushes with a dried up old bandicoots head in his mouth or something, the little sh!t, lol.
                                                                          • [quote1319878413=Wolf] [quote1319876664=Tonedog] I wish they would change the (frankly stupid) name of them to bully pointers or something like that. [/quote1319876664] Dogo Australiano. [/quote1319878413] Lol yeah. I answer people who ask what he is with "bull terrier cross" usually, or pointer x or greyhound x, or just "a pig dog".
                                                                            • A little vid of my fella retrieving like a bird dog- http://s48.photobucket.com/albums/f231/gun_bullety/?action=view¤t=video-2012-02-13-10-35-57.mp4
                                                                              • Good looking dog. I love spending time like that with my dog. I would be afraid to put my dog in that cloudy water. Any crocs there or even leeches?
                                                                                • Lol nah, just turtles catfish and eels mostly. Do have snakes to worry about though, and a lot of paralysis ticks. Regardless of the hazards any dog of mine is going to be running around in the bush, if they're not doing that they might as well be dead anyway.
                                                                                  • Bones is doing great Tonedog, keep the pics coming. hugo
                                                                                    • Nice dog tone. Looks like he will be well rounded
                                                                                      • It's funny how Mike Hodgens complains about other bull arab breeders outcrossing because he outcrosses too. Some of his current bull arabs have merle coats, which indicates that he used great dane as an outcross. His current dogs are also quite a bit larger than the old school bull arabs.
                                                                                        • I don't think he still breeds bull arabs? Or for that matter has bred any since 30 plus years ago? Certainly none of the legit lines have had anything to do with him for decades. He attacks bull arabs now and it's because he's trying to compete with them and trick people into buying his non-working BS puppy mill creations like the bullstop and bull enduro. He's basically like "bull arabs are crap now actually, you should get these instead". He was always a puppy miller and scam artist, the bull arab started when he scammed boar doggers into buying his dogs. But boardoggers have a knack for polishing turds into diamonds, they can grab some show dogs and have legit pig dogs as good as anything in the world in no time at all. The pigs and the outback will sort them out, if they're crap they won't be crap for long. They'll either be dead, or they'll have gotten their act together. There's really no alternative option. The ebt x pointer/greyhound combination did incidentally offer good genetic material to work with, so it was a relatively smooth transition from scam to pig dog. Today bull arabs are sick, there's no arguing with the work they're doing every day. They're as proven as any other boar hunting dog on the planet, and IF some sort of silly argument could be had about "best boar dog breed", then they'd definitely immediately be a major player in the thick of the discussion and realistically you couldn't assert anything above them. No credit should be given to mike hodgens though, none whatsoever. As for outcrossing, I would hope outcrossing has been done in all bull arab lines, they'd be deteriorating otherwise. The biggest threat to bull arabs right now is them becoming a "purebreed", and it's knocking on their door and undoubtedly already attacking some strains and ruining them somewhat. Also pretty much all bull arab strains produce mostly bigger dogs these days in the 45-50 kg range. I don't think there's anything sinister behind it, it's just what the work is calling for. Hugo [QUOTE]Bones is doing great Tonedog, keep the pics coming.[/QUOTE] Wm [QUOTE]Nice dog tone. Looks like he will be well rounded[/QUOTE] Thanks guys. Yeah he is well rounded- super fast and athletic, good nose, can't tire him out, deceptively strong and smart too. Really sure footed and hard to knock over for the ddb x. He's got a lot of grip in that pin head as well, lol, can swing him around off the ground during tug of wars. Not easily (for me), he's getting heavy, I think must weigh at least 35 kgs now and possibly closer to 40. Was 30 a couple of months ago. Don't want to give him too much props, he's also pretty annoying and a bit of a d--k, lol.
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