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Cane Corso - why not?


Hi there again.

I am back after a while with new reflections and I hope that it may be useful for those, who plan to get a CC in a nearest future.

I am not an expert or specialist, but a little bit of experience I've earn helping in a shelter and as an owner helps me to concentrate on important side..

I will try to explain as simple as I can why not to have a CC?;)

Having that powerful, big and demanding dog will change everyone life style.

CC = more cleaning, moping - not only once a week and without visible results..

CC is not a child which will grow up and stop messing around. It will do it every time it would get bored. And it will be while you at work, at the gym, wherever. It doesn't  like to be alone.

Do you like hair in your meal? No? Be ready to get an extra portion of it, as you can not really avoid it.

Do you like meet people in your house? Be ready for criticism and bad looks when after an hour of cleaning they will see fur in the corners and paw prints, even if they've been lucky and get to your house without kisses and cuddles of your teddy bear;)

Don't believe that you will shout and your CC will do whatever you wish... Nope. It will remember and does completely opposite. They are such a clever dogs, so I would not recommend to fight the problem, but deal with it. Again - it is a clever dog - treat it as it has got a brain.

CC female will be more unpredictable than male.

If you are a single planning a relationship - make sure your future partner knows what he / she is stepping in and accept all of upcoming pleasure...It will helps you avoid the diplomatic issues;)

Holidays... That big dog won't be welcome everywhere, however with a little bit of money and sacrifice you can make it.

Neighbors and their kids - will attract your dog - not necessary other way round - make sure you ready to keep your dog away of some people - it will simply scared them and may call not very nice situations...

I won't add an extra chapter  - how good breed is that - and I have my personal reason for avoiding that - just really want to show all those hard issues you, me and other owners will deal for the rest of their CC lifes.

As I mentioned before having that big dog is a life style and neverending lesson. People leave their dogs, only because they are not aware of it. They are not ready...

Be ready and completely ensure that your life will change, your house will change, your habits must change.. Or do not take big dog;)

Think about it;)


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