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Forgot to mention that the setting of this photo and the dog is very beautiful.

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    • Cedric. I wrote a long description but it was lost trying to add an attachment when my screen froze...will do again when I have a moment.


      • Hey Anthony,

        when I am writing something long I do it in a text editor and then copy and past it incase the gremlins of the web decide to screw thing up.  :)

        • Forgot to mention that the setting of this photo and the dog is very beautiful.

          • Thanks Gary.

            I usually do just that but, the one time you dont and.....latest version of Apple's operating system and yet **#!!!@%*! 

            I wanted to say what a fabulous guardian dog Ceddy has turned out to be. What a charming character and just how athletic this dog is. He has long legs and a light though heavy boned frame, rangy is how I would best describe him, tuck up like a wolf. Not something you could guess from the picture. Most of this is hair, his cool season coat. He is an incredible guardian and sharp, can also run like the wind. When he hears one twig snap in the forests surrounding us he is up and running in a flash. He can also smell anything approaching miles away but usually just growls deeply to himself until he considers them too close for his comfort. You can litraly see on his face and hear him following a scent lying right next to you as though fast asleep. Night time he patrols with the other dogs and they do a whole lot of barking. His eye-sight is also particularly keen and he will often sit just like this gazing over the hills muttering in his deep rumbly way.

            Definitely an all weather dog and completely fearless. Thunder storms, lightening he doesn't move an inch, not even for rain. Im always calling him in to try and keep him dry, but that coat which is rich in oil seems to drain off rain keeping his under coat bone dry. It's not a soft coat but quite coarse and sightly wiry to the touch. I don't ever wash or use any detergents, occasionally in summer I will spray him with a fine hose to cool off which he loves, just stands there nose pointed into the spray. Solid as a rock.

            Not at all greedy, shy or fussy as an eater. Interestingly even though I've never bothered with any obedience training he will only eat when he gets the OK from me. Just sits there waiting until I say then politely eats all up. He never seems entirely sure if the dinner is for him or for me unless I indicate it's his. He has looked the same since he was a big puppy, a big lovable hugga bunny. He cannot be trusted with or approached by strangers though. He turns into a different beast altogether. Makes himself very big and stiff and gives them the growl and eye stare. So If Im expecting anyone we have a section fenced off with a shelter where he is happy to wait, the females too but they go mad for the coming and going. Lovely big deep bark, often the last and first thing I hear when I go to sleep and wake up the next morning, is the dogs. There always seems to be something up, wild boar are particularly vexing to them as are primates, but wild dogs drive them completely wild.

            The females we have are grey, like a grey wolf, white chest and one the only reddish brindle has gone to a breeder as we don't breed dogs anymore.  They are a very difficult breed to responsibly place and found we've had to take back dogs that have become a problem in the first litter we had. They've turned into terrific dogs but not for your average home. Not easily socialised and with limited recall once they decide something is up. Completely trust worthy in their family but not ideal pets for the reasons I've explained and I wont have them end up permanently on chains, that's not a life for any dog.


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