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      Jack Knox Stock Dog Training Clinic – August 13, 14 & 15, 2021
      Elk Meadows Ranch, Cameron, Montana
      Jack Knox, an international and national trainer, trailer, judge and breeder, originally from
      Scotland but who now hails from Missouri, is one of the most popular clinicians in the US and I
      am thrilled to be able to host this 3 day clinic once again.
      The clinic will consist of 3 full days of instruction by Jack, lodging, lunch and dinner, for those
      who choose to stay with us. Limited off site accommodations are available locally, please
      inquire. Many clinics are 2 days, but with this extra day, it will allow for not only more one on
      one time with Jack, but an extra day of learning opportunity while watching other participants
      work with Jack and their dogs as well. I hope you can join us.
      Instruction will begin at 8:30 daily and will run until around 5 p.m.
      Cost of the clinic is $280.00 per dog, and will include lunch each day. Spectators are welcome at
      $25.00 per day. Room charge for a cabin is $100.00 for 3 nights. If you would like to join us for
      dinners, the cost will be $15.00 per day, and I promise to provide you with tasty home cooked
      meals. Limited trailer space is available if you would prefer to bring your own sleeping
      Please bring folding chairs and umbrellas or shade shelters if you would like.


      Jack Knox Stock Dog Training Clinic Registration Form
      August 13, 14 & 15, 2021
      Elk Meadows Ranch, Cameron, Montana
      Please make checks payable to, and mail your entry form, to:
      Marina Smith
      141 Elk Meadows Ranch Rd.
      Cameron, Montana 59720
      14 dog limit ~ Spectator Fee $25.00 per day
      Handlers Name: _______________________________________________________________________________
      Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________
      Phone: ______________________ Cell: ____________________email:___________________________________
      Dog’s name: _________________________________ Breed: __________ Age: ____ Level:____________________
      Dog’s name: _________________________________ Breed: __________ Age: ____ Level:____________________
      Dog’s name: _________________________________Breed: __________ Age: ____ Level:____________________
      Number of dogs: ___________ x $280.00/Dog = $________________
      Number of Spectators: _______x $25.00 = $ ____________________
      Number of Dinners: _________ x $15.00 = $____ ________________
      Number of Rooms: __________ x $100.00 = $___________________
      Total Amount Enclosed: $____________________________________
      I agree to hold harmless Elk Meadows Ranch< Marina Smith, and anyone associated with the
      production of this clinic. I agree to take full responsibility for any damages incurred by myself,
      my family, or my dogs, to facilities, livestock or people, while participating or attending this
      clinic. I agree to replace livestock at fair market price.
      Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: __________________

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