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Is the Azores cattle dog the only always brindle breed

Treeing Tennessee Brindle? :wink:
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    • Hi I'm new to posting been a member for more than a year this place has the most pictures I could find on the Cao de Fila de Sao Miguel (Azores cattle dog) when I was looking for a new dog. My 3rd generation Rottweiler Female Died at 10.5 two years ago great dog but dog aggresive her mother I broke her of it, Grandma was more defensive than prey so she wasn't to bad just grumpy I got her in the spring of 1990.I have had dogs for 26 years,worked at the largest vet clinic in my city for 2.5 years agitated 3 gsd that made it to the local & provincial police. I was looking for a new breed something less popular more stable and I found it in the Fila de Sao Miguel I got a exellent female 4 months ago she just turned 6 months old. I have two daughters 2.5 & 5.5 two cats and just got a tiny Morkie pup She is great with all of them ya she has lots of prey drive she use to try and bite all the time but not with the kids she'll play tug of war like a demon but not grab the kids stuff when they run around she has power and respect (has not destroyed anything but paper & mild digging) not hyper active but can go all day she's been hauling water at the lake and the kids.I,ve been researching breeds for 2 years I can't find another breed that is always brindle just wondering if anybody knows?
      • Treeing Tennessee Brindle? :wink:
        • thanks for reply the tennessee brindle should always has some brindle but they have solid black dogs with brindle trim (small amount of white on breast or feet not objectionable.) The brindle trim is patterned like a rottweiller face feet & chest.
          • So if I read your question right, you want a type of breed that is brindle as a dominant color gene? If what I wrote makes sense. Sorry just woke up. -Tom
            • Or do you want a breed of dog that is known to be brindled?
              • I have a Cao de fila de Sao Miguel(Azores cattle dog) they are always brindle. I was just wondering if there were other breeds that were always brindle and intoducing myself.
                • You do realize that there are still fawn pups being born in the Azores Cattledog litters, right?
                  • I realize that it can happen on a rare occation a throwback to a Terceira Mastiff if you could find red fawn one that didn't become brindle when it grew up that would be a good place to start a recreation with dogs from the Islands of the right type. I've been looking for solid colour dogs I found a black dog with hard to see brindle, as new borns you don't see much or any brindle it developes and changes as they grow like my pup's 2 week old litter pictures in the Cao de fila de Sao Miguel pictures area I couldn't paste them in here. This is the F.C.I. standard - COLOUR : Fawn, pale fawn with black overlay, grey, going from light tones to dark; always brindled; white mark permissible on the forehead and from chin to chest; can have small white marks on both front feet or both hind feet or on all four feet.
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