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NEW PIC's Added My 1 year old dogue (pics)

Very pretty bitch!!! Wait till her chest pops then you will see how gorgeous she is going to be! Thanks for sharing
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  • Here are a few pics of my now 1 year old DDB bitch - Juno. She was 47kgs (104lbs) on 6/6/09 not sure of height, but at least 25 inchs.
    • Very pretty bitch!!! Wait till her chest pops then you will see how gorgeous she is going to be! Thanks for sharing
      • Nice bitch enjoying the beach! Are there many in Ireland? My mother is from the south and I grew up spending summers on the family farm there. Now that I've got dogues of my own, it isn't as easy to get away. Hope to make it back soon...
          • you have a really nice ddb. she even has what i call a proper muzzle for a ddb, as there are many ddb which have a muzzle almost like a pug.
            • Andreas, Thanks for your complements on Juno. She is developing into nice athletic dogue. Also cheers for the info on Caporal.
              • Has it really been a year? Seems like yesterday you were getting her....LOL She has really turn out nice, I'm happy for you. Next time out get down to her level & take a pic that will give us a better perspective.
                • [quote1252377346=sadhbhsdad] Andreas, Thanks for your complements on Juno. She is developing into nice athletic dogue. Also cheers for the info on Caporal. [/quote1252377346] you are welcome. ;) i hope you soon post some updates of your dogue. i also like the high ear set, as in many old pics although most of the dogs had cropped ears you can see that they have such a high ear set.
                  • Very nice looking DDB. Congrats
                    • Thanks for your comments and kind words guys. I was away from MD for a while so your post's have got me back checking up on what has been going on. I will get some new photos taken at her level posted soon. I must admit I'm very pleased with her after what I saw recently in the show ring. While at the show (without Juno) I got speaking with allot of DDB breeders and exhibitors. Two commented negatively on photos I had of her on my camera, passing remark about her head and muzzle not being ''True to Type''. I was a little pissed with what they were saying but held back on insulting them with what I thought about their dogues. I should have asked them why they didn't show English or French Bulldogs or even Pugs instead of DDB's if they looking for short blunt muzzled low to ground barrel shaped animals. I wonder have they ever seen images of Sans Peur, Caporal, Buffalo or Sultane to name a few ?
                      • @ sadhbhsdad do me a favour and next time the "show ring idiots" make negative comments on your ddb, speak out exactly what you have in mind! i cannot understand how people can breed a certain breed and don't care about historical pictures and things like that. maybe if people like you start reacting, even the show ring one day can be changed again. also i have my doubts about it. i guess it is more wishful thinking. maybe there should be another organization beside FCI which judges the breed based on a more functional phenotype. here you can see a dog from show ring a bit more than 100 years ago and it was considered as perfect in type. so what would the breeders who made the comments about your dog, say about it *-) i guess they would say it is a very poor example of the breed etc. they are idiots!
                        • Was unable to add images to the Gallery. Some up to date photos of Juno taken today by the stream.
                          • verry cool well proportioned doge
                            • @ sadhbhsdad a week ago i showed the link to the pics of your ddb on a german ddb board. OMG what narrow-minded people. they said it was no real ddb, the muzzle is terrible, it would be disqualified at every show because it has nothing to do with a real ddb and some more crap! after that i showed a picture of baffalo, the ddb which was used to set up the first standard. and the comments about buffalo where the same. hahaha what idiots! they said that´s not real one, just look at the muzzle .... here again buffalo for everyone to see! the dog was used by megnin to create the first standard. by the way one answere about your dog was "if i want a great dane i buy one and not a ddb-mutt" :@
                              • @ Andreas, It seems like a case of ‘Same Sh1t, Different Country’ After my visit to the show a few weeks ago nothing these exhibitors say surprises me. I guess I’m lucky I do not enter Juno into the beauty pageants. Like you said idiots who are ignorant to history. Sure she will never win in the ring when judged against today’s standard but these guys should acknowledge history and the fact that there is still various type of dogue being born in litters which reflect the dogues ancestry. While out last night chasing rabbits (which she never catches) Juno caught the scent of a fox who was probably out hunting rabbits it self. She worked her way back to where the fox was and worked him out by digging and climbing around the fallen tree he was under. The fox bolted and she gave chase, sprinting through 1 field cleared a 1 metre high barbedwire fence and into another field, a distance of about 150 metres (160 yards) covered in seconds. The fox eventually went to ground in a thick briar ditch. Juno paced up and down the ditch but was too big to get into the deeper part of the ditch where the fox was hiding. It was good to see her use her nose and find the fox then to watch her turn of pace as she took off after it, she was very determined and was not going to give up. I wonder if their dogues would be athletic enough or even interested enough to keep up after any type of prey? I know she is not the most Typey Dogue out there but she is special to me and my family, we love her and at the end of the day that’s all that matters. Danny
                                • danny your dogue looks great and it tells me enough about all these show guys and show breeders if i show them buffalo and they even don't know the dog and never have seen a pic of him although they are involved in the ddb and show ring for 15 years lol what can you expect of such ignorant people? :-p i mean buffalo was the dog used by megnin for the first standard of the ddb another thing that is quite funny is the fact that again and again ddb get born with a longer nose (and longer doesn't mean long lol just medium long an d not pug like) in almost every litter you have them simply because it is in the ddb genes ;) so let the narrow-minded people do what ever they want they will not get rid of that fact! by the way is the only organization that judges the ddb at the moment the retarted FCI *-) a lot of people who own dogs are totally glad that their breed isn't part of the FCI. the funny thing is the ddb guys have no clue why often their dogs have not the "pug like muzzle" they desire so much. haha the breed wasn't like that in the beginning it wasn't that close in phenotype and the first dogs i am speaking of show dogs still should be functional, now they don't want dogs to be functional anymore. but they will never get the ddb completely like they want it to be, it will never be that close in phenotype like a greyhound is, hey but a greyhound had proper breeding in the past and still has proper breeding. so they never will reach their goal to breed constantly fat red pugs of 65cm lol :-p i really hope ddb owners like you can incoroperate one day and can act as a counterbalance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                  • Good to see picks and here a story of a dog that can make some moves!!
                                    • [quote1258299418=sadhbhsdad] Was unable to add images to the Gallery. Some up to date photos of Juno taken today by the stream. [/quote1258299418] is that still young? its well nice, looks just like my mates, his dads dog about 1 and a half.
                                      • Beautiful bitch mate she really is a stunner. :)
                                        • [quote1258507965=sadhbhsdad] [/quote1258507965] I'll be happy'st man of the World if my Tessa grows to DDB like Your's!!! I'm as a waiter will tell you, Poeople Are Morons!!! So, *uck em and enjoy in your dog!!
                                          • Cheers guys, She is coming on very well. Her chest is bigger now and she is becoming more defined around the rear. Danny
                                            • Gosh she is really JUST beautiful!!! AWESOME DDB- J
                                              • Looks very similar to my friends DDB Rocky although I have to say you're girl hes the edge she is stunning.[br][link={e_FILE}public/1258576441_10195_FT65998_stamfro1.jpg][img:width=450&height=301]{e_FILE}public/1258576441_10195_FT65998_stamfro1_.jpg">[/link][br]
                                                • Awesome looking dog...I personally prefer the longer nosed athletic look....IMO many of the show Dogues are too heavy and short muzzled to be able to do the original work they were intended..... .
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