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Which Breed Is This?

The perfect dog?
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  • So, I found this information on a website where there are some puppies for sale. I want to get your impression of what breed you think this is and if these statements match your knowledge of or experience with the breed. Quoted Text follows: [quote]Though typically standoffish with strangers, your pup will be playful and social with all types of dogs and can do fine in a family with or without children, large or small animals, etc. Your pup will adapt to almost any environment, quiet or loud, calm or hectic.[/quote] [quote]Your pup will be crate-trained and comfortable spending time in the crate. Your pup will have no problems eating together with other dogs. She will love sleeping on the bed or the couch and cuddling but will get off immediately upon being told to do so.[/quote] [quote]Your pup will not bark excessively at night nor during the day but will make a great watch dog and will alert you to all visitors and will quickly learn from you who is acceptable; The mailman, UPS guy, etc.[/quote] [quote]Your pup though gentle, affectionate and loving in nature, will grow large and will love and protect your family with a fierce and determined passion.[/quote] [quote]Your pup may be a perfect candidate for AKC's CGC (Canine Good Citizen) program. We encourage every owner to strive for the goal of passing this test. As the training is an essential bonding - due to the innate nature of the breed and their STRONG distrust of strangers, we cannot guarantee that the dog will pass the CGC, based on step 10 in which a "stranger" takes the dog from the owner and walks away out of site of the owner.[/quote] this last one was edited to remove the breed name. After a few replies - I'll post the breed name and the link. Have fun.
    • The perfect dog?
      • Future dogs!
        • Seriously though. Put some thought into this one. The actual breed will surprise you - guaranteed.
          • I have no clue...just a wild guess: CO???
            • One more guess and then I will tell
              • I must be the best dog in the world born crate trained will adapt to any environment without training no dog aggression will not go with strangers will love the mailman but kill everybody else that must be some idiot show shepherd breeder.
                • Please God dont tell me its the CO
                    • Very good advertising for CO!
                      • Al, Mike - you nailed it. It is the CO. I can't wait to get one of those Caucasian Nocharka puppies.
                        • Well, that nails it.... y'all can keep the CO, Im out. How many F'n contradictory comments can 1 person make in every single sentence written.... wont bark excessively at night but will make excellent watch dogs?
                          • Can't believe this. This CO require need a specialized person to fit into a household without problems . Even a novice I looked at the link saw nothing said about what home is best for the breeds, what the breeds needs This breeder to me seems to have the opinon every home is a good home for a CO. Thats disturbing to me very much so
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