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Suburban Life?

Here are some of the "wild life" we encounter in South Texas.

1. Wild hogs at the feeder in back of the property.

2. Deer eating at the driveway

3. Look at the two bucks by the road - :)

4. And Original Texas wildlife in Bandera - the cowboy capital of the US

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  • Why is there a wild turkey on my street? I live in the Suburbs, but it is it still close to the city.  This is not normal for us. However, I have been seeing raccoons which had never happened before. I've seen them in the daytime and they are nocturnal animals. I've seen a couple of foxes. I saw something once that looked like a coyote. I have even seen some lizards in my yard.


    This is in a neighbors yard across the street.


    I think someone called animal control. Animal Control was seen leaving my street. I haven't seen the turkey since. Animal control never comes on our street. The will only come if someone reports a dog bite. They don't come from stray dogs unless the dog has been reported as being dangerous or aggressive.

    If it would have gotten in my yard my dogs could have eaten good....Grin.gifGrin.gifGrin.gif69.gif

    One of my dogs almost caught a rabbit this evening. I was coming back from training her. I let her loose to run in the back. Then I saw something move. She ran even faster. It barely escaped the yard. She is probably63.gif that it comes back.

    • Same thing in Belgium ... We have foxes in the middle of the city's 

      • We also have Turkey, eagles, and coyotes but we don't call animal control in this area. Actually there is no animal control only the county sherif and the Game Warden.

        • I have been here since the late 70's and I have never seen a wild turkey near me. I have seen some in rural areas. It has been only a few years that I have been seeing lizards in my yards.  Another odd thing is that maybe an hour or two away from me I have been seeing armadillos. That is not common that close. But they have been migrating in our direction for some reason.

          • It could be the steadily cooling trend in the climate that some call "climate change or global warming". Those cold-blooded reptiles like the warmer weather so they probably know whats really happening.

            • I don't believe in that global warming. There is too much history that supports that we have had uncommon high and uncommon low temperatures for years. This is nothing new. As far as the armadillos they have been doing this for some years now. I don't know where they end up. Because it does get rather cold in our winters. I don't know how well they handle the cold. A guy that I know had seen this happening with them and a few other animals of the years. he is about 4 hour south of me.

              • This is from today, a lizard.


                • Here are some of the "wild life" we encounter in South Texas.

                  1. Wild hogs at the feeder in back of the property.

                  2. Deer eating at the driveway

                  3. Look at the two bucks by the road - :)

                  4. And Original Texas wildlife in Bandera - the cowboy capital of the US

                  • Years ago when I had American Bulldogs I got one from Bill Hines in Texas. He invited me to come down and go boar hunting with them. I explained that I'm from the city. We don't climb trees and that we climb fences. I saw in one of the videos a guy climb a straight tree with no branches to get away from a wild boar. I said I would never make it up that tree. He said yes you will. We went back and forth on that and the fact that I'm from the city there are no trees like that for us to learn to climb. We learn to climb and hop over fences. He said when that 500lbs boar get after you you will get up that tree. LOL I said no I won't because I'm not coming...LOL

                    We don;t get that type of wild life. Just some birds, squirrels, and rabbits. Lately we are having possums, snakes, raccoons, lizards and for the first time a turkey. I expect more of those things when drive through more rural areas, but not in Suburban areas like mines that is very close to the city.

                    • Animals live in a cycle, take away the preditors and you are left with prey. Also if they do not evolve and live amoung our cities they will perish. Every day more cities and subs are built, which takes away from their habitat and they slowly learn how to work around us.

                      • And since the dogs are used to them now - the deer is very comfortable grazing close by.

                        Sorry about the poor quality photo. Can you see the deer.

                        The females have dropped their fawns by now - so very soon the coyotes will start running at night as they prey on the youngsters.  When that starts there will be more deer sleeping in the yard "protected" by the dogs.

                        And our neighbors pet python.

                        • If I move further in the suburbs I would see some deer and maybe a few other things. it is not common where I am today. I wouldn;t mind looking out in my backyard and seeing some deer. But I do not want to look out there and see any wild boar.

                          • They are not so bad unless you are a real farmer and then they will destroy your crops for sure. They usually move in very large herds through Texas and can cause significant loss to farmers. They are considered a pest and can be hunted anytime in Texas.


                            • And.. the hog problem in Texas.

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