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My name is Idi Amin but you can call me Amin'

Nice bone on your boy OBI. Hope the white spot goes away- they typically do. Are you gonna crop him?
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    • Amin at 4 weeks... at 8 weeks.... at 11 weeks on arrival in lagos... you'll be seeing more of me as I grow.... :) :)
      • Thanks Nikki for the compliments, I saw the spot before I bought him but couldnt resist him. My first mastini had a spot but it disappeared. How are the pups doing?
        • Hey ronsetoe thanks for the compliment and sorry you find the name Idi Amin sickening but I guess you'll never understand the story behind it :roll: :roll: :roll:
          • Hey OBI1! Cute puppy! :wink:
            • Hey Chach where have u been? He's no cutey that one more of a dictator :D He is a holy terror :lol: Nikki I wish I could crop him but cant find anyone here who can :( I wish I could.
              • one day I'll be as big and as mean as that man and maybe as black :wink:
                • [quote=buldog]its just a name people. Personally, the coolest name of a dog ive come across was by some russians i knew who had a huge black dog named GULAG. Gulag, as you know, is 1 of the roughest prisons in the world, if not the roughest.... you just gotta look past it. Mike[/quote] Hey Mike my third and most loyal dog to date was a brindle Boerboel male whom I named Hussein after Saddam Hussein :wink: I was single then and lived in a tiny flat with my younger sister. When anyone asked his name and I answered Hussein they were often amused. Names like Hitler, Khan, Pharoah, Ceasare, Abacha are common names given to male dogs here by proud owners. Thanks for seeing the sunny side of it all. :)
                  • The member who posted this text was banned - and the post is depricated.
                    • [quote=ronsetoe]I would say that says that there are a lot of ignorant people naming their pet's in Turkey if that is the case. What if I named my new black pet Ni$$er here in the USA? It is still a horrible name the same as "sadam" BOL[/quote] It really sickens me how stupid some people tend to be. Ronsetoe can you please explain what your point is...You sit down there and determine or rather allocate ignorance to certain geographical areas, just because they obviously have a better sense of humor than you can ever have. On the statement about naming your black Pet, I think it shows the kind of person you are and how your sick mind works! BTW next time be brave about it and spell the word right rather than substitute letters with the dollar sign.
                      • I'll start by telling you the reason why I named my boy Idi Amin. He is black and big and is a dictator around the yard(always trying to have his way with even the older dogs and barks at all of them when he doesn't) He also doesn't like strangers and throws a barking fit when one comes his way. Over here we do not honor dictators and murderers, we hate them with a passion, they've killed alot of our brothers and sisters. Its a practice to name our pets after them here as an act of disrespect. You do not find people naming their sons or daughters after such villains nor do we honor them by naming streets or other stuff after them. Naming pets or animals after them is our way of disrespecting them. I shout my dogs name anytime I take them out and I assure you no one gets offended. I'll be posting new pics of him very soon.
                        • You couldn't have said it better Wolf. Thanks ALV & Rosentoe for the compliments. Halfsam I don't understand what you are saying half the time :?: Rosentoe He is close to 60lbs now, haven't weighed him in week though.
                          • [quote=ronsetoe]BUTTT you can see how a name can offend---never mind with your post/reply you just confirmed that!! OB, JJ=Just joking in case you were not up on the net /text lingo[/quote] I know exactly what JJ means, I just think you are taking this too far, we were talking names not religions. Its not a good example period!
                            • Obi, Nice name and nice pup. Congrats!
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                              My name is Idi Amin but you can call me Amin'
                              Nice bone on your boy OBI. Hope the white spot goes away- they typically do. Are you gonna crop him?
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