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At Last!

Greta pics Obi!! Thanks!! :lol:
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    • At last I'm posting pictures I took at the 2008 USNMC Nationals Dinner in Baltimore... It was a beautiful night :D Some more
      • Looks like a fun time was had by all Great pictures
        • Hey neat! Thanks for posting those. It was such a surprise to see you there Obi!
          • [quote=sbates]Hey neat! Thanks for posting those. It was such a surprise to see you there Obi![/quote] [quote=4myneo]Greta pics Obi!! Thanks!! :lol:[/quote] Thanks to Gonnie for making sure I made it to the show though we were late and he couldn't show his dogs cos' he had to wait to pick me up. I had the time of my life:D Couldn't believe I was meeting lots of great U.S breeders I thought I would only see on the internet. I had to keep pinching myself to be sure I was in the same room with all these folks and even the legendary Judge G.Alessandro!!! It was worth every second I even left with two Neo books I had been wanting for ages and the food was something else thanks to Remo's restaurant :D Will definitely do it again :wink: Well done Sarah, Nikky and co for your labor of love lol collecting samples, that project will go along way in curbing Lesmania which is a major concern for the breed. Well I guess I've said too much... LOL
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            At Last!
            Greta pics Obi!! Thanks!! :lol:
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