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Swedish Kennel Club Enforces Rules on Neapolitan Mastiff

about damn time
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  • [html] Sent to me by a friend.

    Last weekend there where some exhibitors that already found out that the Swedish Kennel Club is serious about enforcing the standard of the Neapolitan Mastiff.

    SKK had the Swedish Winner Show (official FCI title awarding show). 6 Mastino Napoletanos where entered. However at the veterinary control in the entrance 3 of them where turned back (refused entry to the show ground), because they were overtyped and not healthy looking.
    • WOW you will have to walk around with all your test papers soon and a health certificate What does look unhealthy mean unless there is proof other than one or two people looking and making a there and decision. To me it seems very unfair.
      • But i assume that they had qualified people checking the dogs. I have always been led to beleive that Sweden was one of the best countries in the world for dogs and dog breeding. All dogs must he checked for HD prior to breeding etc and it has been like that for years. All results are made public also. They are also a country that i am told has no banned breeds. All actions of a dog are the responsibility of the owners and their training and not the breed as it is in many other countries. It would be interesting to know what the dogs actually looked like and how "ovedone" they actually were or IF they were.
        • [html] [quote1238029807=admin] [html] However at the veterinary control in the entrance [/html] [/quote1238029807] I think they were qualified but am not sure. [/html]
          • It's about time the dogs might have had bad eye's or dwarfism (legs to short ) or who knows breeding bad to worst for decades has changed them by the decade. Veterinary control sounds like veterinarian's would be checking for problems.
            • about damn time
              • Here is a link that will explain better what sweden is allowing and not allowing, it is pdf form but scroll down and you will see the info o neos, its also a very interesting read regarding the other breeds http://skk.se/pdf/funktionar/srd_eng.pdf
                • Two Thumbs Up to Sweden!!!!
                  • I have attached the PDF file to the forum and you can view it here.[br][file={e_FILE}public/1238427995_19_FT62527_srd_eng.pdf]srd_eng.pdf[/file]
                    • I predict that in about two years you will probably have two breeds. The Mastino Napoletano (old type rustic and healthy dogs) and the Mastino Gigante (lumbering drooly giants).. heheheh.. What do you think? The ones that are escused from showing because of the exaggerated type will probably form a club and viola! - new breed!
                      • [html] From the pdf document.

                        About the breeds in F.C.I Group 2
                        This group contains several heavy breeds of Mollosoïd type, but also herding dogs from mountainous districts. It is of utmost importance that they are not overweight and that they have sound, strong constitution in order to function properly and to be able to move without visible effort or pain.

                        Narrow fronts, bent front legs and weak pasterns or cow-hocked hind legs are incorrect for any breed.
                        Some of the Mollosoïd breeds have excessive, loose skin which must never be
                        exaggerated and allowed to cause discomfort to the dog. A dog’s skin must be healthy without any sign of discomfort.
                        Heavy breathing, excessively heavy head carried low and dogs giving off large amounts of saliva when breathing are incorrect. This applies to both small and large breeds.
                        Breeds which require Urgent Attention

                        Neapolitan Mastiff
                        (Mastino Napoletano)
                        The conformation and skin of this breed cause serious health problems if exaggerated.
                        Existing faults in this breed are:
                        • inflammation of the skin and eye problems caused by folds of loose skin which is also too excessive; also loose eye rims.
                        • incorrect movement caused by incorrect bone construction and poor overall conformation.
                        Particular attention must therefore be paid to healthy skin and sound eyes, but also to movement. Dogs with entropion or ectropion, skin problems and unsound movement must not be awarded prizes. (emphasis added by me)
                        Dogs with the required typical cat-like, agile, somewhat slow movement with good drive from sound hindquarters and proper reach in front, should be rated very highly.

                        Note: The Bulldog (probalby English Bulldog) and the Sharpei are also in this category. [/html]
                        • What else can we expect from the socialist utopia otherwise known as Sweden? It is a damn shame that people who whould know better will follow right along like sheep to the slaughter. To hell with the "breed Gestapo."
                          • I attended an IKC dog show yesterday and there was 2 neapolitans entered. 1 to Male Puppy class and 1 to Open Bitch class. In IKC if there award is 1 green star to best male and best female at each show. (Puppies are not elligable. Only Junior and above) 7 of these and the dog is a Champion. The Judge yesterday withheld the Green Stars due to her decision the quality was undeserving. And I believe no BOB was awarded either. I missed that specific part but There are no results to be seen on http://dogshowentry.ie/OnlineEntries/Public/ShowResults.aspx as you can see. I heard talk of the female having far too much skin and affecting her vision from other attendees later, 1 woman in particular was in agreement of the decision and told me that the same decision was made about 6 months ago to the same owner with a different female when his dog showed shyness to the judge.
                            • Maximus, I dont think there will be two breeds in the near future quite the opposite actually, and from watching for years it seems my prediction i occur in the next 10 years. My theory has always been that the breed will peak somewhere in its evolution, by peaking it will pretty much be what it is today, grossly overdone, now mind you I am not saying it is the whole breed because there are enough people breeding "normal" type, but enough so that someone ( kennel clubs, breeders, fanciers ) have opened their eyes and said enough all ready.Which is what is happening in the topic of this post. I dont think the breed will change overnight, the breeders who are breeding correct now wont have to do anything except carry on, the breeders and owners who wish to win in competition will have to change their outlook on breeding in the future, and the buyers who want the extreme monsters will also be affected. JMHO but I am happy with the last 5-8 years progress the breed has made, it wasnt that long ago that health and temp were not a big concern, now there are many who rely heavily on good health and temp in their qualities they strive for. Also look at the amount of more correct type rather then extreme type in the pics posted to neo boards, it seems as though 3 years ago everyone wanted "the monster" now more times then not it is a good massy moderate wrinkled dog people are posting. I am excited to see what happens in the next 5 years, good things to come. I dont think we will see the dogs of the 40's or 50's, the young mastino who was essentially nothing but a couple generations bred down mutt, we wont be able to go back to that without crossbreeding, I hope the neo becomes the magnificent powerhoouse of a dog that it really is, no more 200 lb wrinkled mess's but I want the breed to retain the traits that make it a mastino, for those of you who do like the older neos, look into the cane corso, and that isnt putting anyone down and making fun of the situation, but I tend to think many wish to change the breed more into the CC, which it is not and cannot be if anyone wish's the breed to continue its evolution.
                              • .Now in Sweden we go to the show and hope that the doctor will lett oss in. For he is standing outside the big door.In Sweden you not go to the ring and judge- you go to the door and the doctor-----This is The OverTyped and Unhealsy Mastino from Malmö Show in SWEDEN---HE is also HD-Free and 87 kg 2cac... This dog where not the only whan that not come in[br][link={e_FILE}public/1238438568_17124_FT62527_calle20.jpg][img:width=400&height=297]{e_FILE}public/1238438568_17124_FT62527_calle20_.jpg">[/link][br]
                                • Thanks for posting. I hope you don't mind me asking you a couple of questions since picture isn't close enough to tell. What was the exact reason why this dog wasn't allowed to show? Is it entropian? Eyes look clear from here. In the pic' the rear legs turn out a bit, is it the stance? Are the feet splayed or is that also because of stance?
                                  • This amounts to a modern day Euro version of BSL- and you all are praising it. Sick on both sides.
                                    • Kosmo.....i like this dog
                                      • OverTyped , coat fall off , today he whas to mastino expert doctor all whas OK
                                        • [quote1238445734=4myneo] This amounts to a modern day Euro version of BSL- and you all are praising it. Sick on both sides. [/quote1238445734] Yep, you are 100% correct! I will fight this sort of socialism with everything in me.
                                          • Did the dog out weigh the limit in Sweden, I'm sorry not so good with kg?
                                            • 87kg 191pund
                                              • i think mastino must have power , buy golden if you like ,mastino is Big and powerfull excuse me my English i talk all the skandinavian . language but a doctor is too doctor
                                                • TBH if its a weight reason then the breed will never be at shows in Sweden again. At least males. Almost all i have seen are well over what the std says. Females are either at the limit or slightly over. My own female was always about 60 kilos her sister the same, now her weight has increased recently since her litter and i would guess about 65 kilos which for females is over the weight limit. Her brother however is 97 kilos and not an ounce of fat on his frame. far over the limit. They all remain well within height limits. In fact Gary actually commented on him as to one he liked over on UGM last week(a mahogany male. All three are healthy and strong correct mastino temperemnts mate naturally and have open eyes, wide muzzles, just the correct length of dewlap and no excess of wrinkle. No cowhocking or splayed feet and strong rears. So if they were to be assessed on weight they would bever get anything.
                                                  • Sweden is FCI so the weights should be the same as USA std i think
                                                    • No Phil - the AKC changed the standard to remove the 154 lbs weight limit on males. See below. Size, Proportion, Substance A stocky, heavy boned dog, massive in substance, rectangular in proportion. Length of body is 10% - 15% greater than height. Height: Dogs: 26 to 31 inches, Bitches: 24 to 29 inches. Average weight of mature Dogs: 150 pounds; Bitches: 110 pounds; but greater weight is usual and preferable as long as correct proportion and function are maintained. .. and this statement is why there are so many overdone dogs. "The absence of massiveness is to be so severely penalized as to eliminate from competition." In my opinion that is the nail in the coffin for the breed.
                                                      • [quote1238460638=4myneo] This amounts to a modern day Euro version of BSL- and you all are praising it. Sick on both sides. [/quote1238460638]No Nikki, BSL - as in Legislation means laws made by lawmakers. This is a position taken by a Kennel Club and has no legal grounds - thus not BSL. Yes - I praise this move by the Swedes and hope the AKC follows suite.
                                                        • Thanks Gary i had forgotten that the AKC had specified a greater weight to be desired. I see even the height too is taller than FCI std of 1.5 inches for males and 2 inches for females.
                                                          • Only 2 dogs were stoped at the door in Malmö. The one who is shown here by Kosmo. The other dog never got stop beacuase of any healt issue, other than fuzz with his vacc card. Remi
                                                            • In Germany they call it 'Qualzucht' (breeding that tortures the dog). It's about time there are some measures against 'typy' English Bulldog, Shar Pei, Chihuahua, Basset, Pekinese... It's time breeders take their responsabilities, or otherwise the authorities will do it for them... And what family with young kids would want to have a dog that can't walk, play...
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