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These two are worthy of a repost

This is a Rottie.. Could you tell.

Oh oh....

Taking your dog for walks twice a day for at least an hour in total could soon become the law in Germany.

There could also be a ban on keeping dogs chained for long periods.

Rules are also being devised to crack down on "puppy farms" by banning breeders from looking after more than three litters at any one time.

"Pets are not cuddly toys, their needs have to be taken into account," Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner said about the planned changes. Read more

GLENDALE, Calif. — A dog in California was able to summon help after his 88-year-old owner had fallen to the ground and was unable to call for assistance.

Glendale sanitation worker Kirk White thought something was amiss July 10 when Sandy, an 11-year-old dog along his route, was not in his usual place, KTLA reported.

"The way he was barking and he would look to the left like I have something to show you," White told KABC. Read more


DEER PARK, Wisconsin — When a boy with autism needed a service dog, people in his small western Wisconsin town dug deep to help.

A church sponsored a bake sale, the Green Bay Packers sent a signed football and area merchants chipped in items for a silent auction. Goals were met.  Nearly $20,000 was raised. But months later, the money is gone, and no dog is coming. Read more

I had a good read of an article by Denise Flaim about the Neapolitan Mastiff over on Modern Molosser. This prolific and humorous author has a way of writing to connect directly with readers so the story reads more like you are just sitting together and chatting. If you are curious about the Neo and references to the all things Mastino, hope on over to Modern Molosser and have a read.

Hello Molosser Fans,

we just updated the site and also added the Ads module which allows for the creation of Advertisement.  So go ahead and advertise you dogs, kennels, pups, and other services.  Cheers.

#BigDogMom recently completed her most recent survey on the cost of big dog ownership, and I thought you might like to read it since it pertains to most of our molossers.  This is the largest survey of big dog owners ever conducted and measures the cost of ownership across 48 different questions about the monthly and annual expenses relating to owning big dogs. Please read her article here.


Reposted Admin's discussion.

Take a moment to browse of of my favorite websites dedicated to big dogs. BigDogmom

Caring for an Older Dog. This document gives some very good tips and ideas for caring for an older dog. It is something worth printing and keeping on the shelf as a good reference.

The United States Department of Agriculture pamphlet on protecting sheep from predators

Lucius Junius Moderatus Columella on Agriculture Including Treatsie 7 on dogs

Those of us with responsibility for the health of canine athletes need to continually read and evaluate new scientific studies to ensure that we are taking the most appropriate care of our performance dogs. This article provides evidence through a number of recent studies to suggest that veterinarians and owners working with canine athletes should revisit the standard protocol in which all dogs that are not intended for breeding are spayed and neutered at or before 6 months of age.

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