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Hello, my name is Gary and I created this site in 2003 using another content management system. 

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26 Oct 19
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Several years ago our favorite venues to exhibit our Caucasian Ovcharkas were at the ARBA and Rarities shows.  Out of curiosity I visited the ARBA site today and was pleasantly surprise by the new mobile friendly design and layout.  Excellent site.  Check them out and if you want a fair assessment of your dog based on the breeds function and not just the expertise of the handler sign up for an ARBA show.

Visit the ARBA website

  • This is a direct quote from the ARBA website

    "ARBA has been offering Rare Breed Conformation Dog shows since 1991.  We have borrowed the best show procedures from some of the best organizations from all over the world and added the most important ingredient "Treating the Exhibitor as a Person not a number"  We pride ourselves on paying attention to the needs of our exhibitors."

    I found an interesting article on the Origins of the American Pit Bull Terrier by Mariano Peinado and want to share it with you. It is a good read whether you agree with the authors theory or not.  Have a look here.

    I saw a wonderful poem about an old dog over on a blog and wanted to link it here so you can read it. It is only two paragraphs but it very touching.

    Please check it out:


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