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  • When we lived in Virginia and started showing it was mainly with ARBA and Rarities Inc. (now International Canine Kennel Club). We also showed with IABCA when the shows were in North Carolina. I am a big fan of ARBA as it was ran by Robert and Clarice - Great people who genuinely loved the dogs and the ability to bring rare breed fanciers together.

    John and Rita from ICKC are also very nice people and as passionate as Robert at ARBA. I have checked their site to see what's happening but it appears that there are not many shows scheduled. That is too bad.

    One of the issues I had with all the organizations is their use of AKC judges. Believe it or not - those judges don't know your breed as good as you do unless they have owned, bred and trained the same. It is like saying if you own American Bulldogs you know all there is to know a bout the Canario or Cane or an extreme example - you are a GSD judge and thus qualified to judge and Central Asian .. .. crazy.

    • If we stop owning this will probably be the next breed we keep.

      Good guardian and mot much barking