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Fila x Neo puppies

It's a common cross, both in Brazil and Italy. :wink:
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      • [blockquote]I think that the general idea is that even a mutt is an improvement over the "typey" neos. [/blockquote] Ignorance is sheer bliss to some. Lets see...... choose a less typy pup from a "show" breeders litter, a litter planned and researched, parents tested and healthy, breeder knowledgable regarding the good and bad traits of the lines or choose a dog based solely on its lesser amount of wrinkle who comes from 2 dogs thrown together to get a litter on the ground and money into the pocket of the "breeder" oh wait lets not forget no thought to health or temp tests, money is the important thing hmmm well you choose
          • [blockquote]Everyone knows that mutts are generally healthier than purebred dogs, especially purebred dogs that have been taken to extremes.[/blockquote] LOL the ignorance thing again :) Maybe for the first 2 maybe push that 3 generations and then your crossbreeds really start to gel and all those bad traits tend to get concentrated and becomes yet another problem in a new breed of dog, maybe if you luck out the bad junk from both original breeds crops up and you are back at square one with double the trouble. Go post your nonsense in one of the neo threads my participation in this thread doesnt involve what a dog looks like, who cares although you do or is the neo bashing a comfort zone for you, dont understand something or get stressed and suck your thumb or eat a pint of ice cream, in your case you take a pot shot at the looks of a dog when it isnt even being discussed...........boring.......................it would be the health and genetics of the animal not its looks that we are discussing here
            • [blockquote]I don't know which dogs you have in mind specifically but if I had no other option I'd take one of filachick's pups over some of the walruses/neos I've seen in pics here and elsewhere.[/blockquote] silly your contradicting yourself in the above, the pups look like they have a good amount of skin, good amount of bone and from looking at them now I dont think they will be very far off the mark of the extreme overdone horrid neos you speak of, leggier probably but I am betting they will have quite a bit of wrinkle and mass to them when adults ...............whoopsies maybe not walruses but they wont be the most athletic either
                • Dont take it personal, all this is is a debate on a topic we dont agree on, I hold no hard feelings towards you and dont dislike you in any way ( or anyone who has posted not even the original poster ), its a message board subject thats being debated, just because you disagree with something I say doesnt mean I cant agree with you on a different subject, I also dont hold grudges either lol when its over its over and done with, we shouldnt have to agree on everything, just think if everyone did the message boards would really be boring :) This is where you say I do not like a neo with a lot of wrinkle because it isnt my cup of tea and I say wrinkle doesnt make a good or bad dog, we both know either of us will change our tune because its what we believe ( and are entitled to ) and walk away from it. I dont have anything more to say really except good luck to filachick on the pups and to post the good and bad results if any in the future as I am and have been curious to the outcome of the pups, and not to rub it in if something bad should happen, I would be the last person to do that to someone.
                  • Isla, no hard feelings but I think you have contradicted yourself a bunch here. Telling someone to sell pups out of the newspaper for $100 is not good advice. Yet now you say they are all sold. People generally don't keep pups till 13 weeks if they are all sold. The problem I have here is all of you people who tout working dogs, endurance, health, testing, ect- all of it- Are now praising this litter. Yes, they are her dogs to do with as she pleases. I fully agree with that. BUT- Should the molosser community be praising this? Praising a litter from a puppy mill dog with unknown lineage? Praising a untested fila birthing pups? You same people rag on pure bred breeders for NOT testing. Or NOT screening. Or NOT knowing lineage and the genetics behind your dogs!! Why is this different? Cause it's a cross?
                    • it is pretty darn embarrassing to see so many people drooling over a poorly thought out litter of mutts from untested parents. if this was a pure bred litter these same clowns would be throwing a fit over lack of testing and crappy backgrounds and so forth. and for the last damn time - these are not bandogs in any sense of the word so why not move this whole thread to the mutts for sale forum or something?
                      • [quote=wookiebush]it is pretty darn embarrassing to see so many people drooling over a poorly thought out litter of mutts from untested parents.[/quote]And just how did you conclude that it was a poorly thought out breeding :?:
                        • All the puppies are spoken for with the exception of 1 male AFAIK, all have been sold to people who REQUESTED breeding in 1st place. I think FC wamted to keep pups as long as possiable for her own reasons..IE studing early behavoiur.
                          • A poorly thought out litter of mutts?! Personally, I think the idea’s a brilliant one, crossing a good Neo and a good Fila together (although I have no idea of the quality of Filachick’s dogs), wouldn’t you say the concept has potential?
                            • [quote=isla49]~I know well what's involved in caring for such a number of pups at this age and it's a PITA.[/quote]Don't assume that the OP does not know it is a PITA or have no experience with this :idea: I guess I should go another rant about assumptions - but that is for another topic.
                              • Filachick, Do you have any updated photos of the pups?
                                • Hi Alpha, not yet, well, not any really good ones...I'm going to pick up a new camera this weekend and post some pics and updates on them Monday sometime...
                                  • 8) I'm guessing they're pretty darn big.
                                    • HI Alpha, sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I had one heck of a busy week and it's going to be as busy this next week! I did get my new camera, what I didn't get was a darn memory card for it! I'll get it tomorrow, and get the pics and updates on them! Just a quick note, they have slowed down on their growth a bit, but they are still pretty darn big for 16 week old pups! Average is 50lbs...
                                      • Well, ok, sorry that took so darn long...We took some photos outside playing today of the three that we're keeping, yes, we decided three... Two males and one female: Zeus, Hera, and Hercules...we decided to keep Hercules, as he is out of all the pups, the most fila"ish" in his manners...He does not care for strangers, especially if they run up to him, he actually stands his ground, growls, barks, and snaps at them if they don't back off after his warnings. He is very loving with us, the family, but it takes him a good twenty to thirty minutes before he'll accept a new person approaching him and putting their hand down for him to smell, he really doesn't want anything to do with them. The others are leary of strangers at first and bark and growl, but within minutes of seeing us with them and that we approve of them they are coming up to them and licking them, and befriending them easily... The other pups that are in their new homes are doing well to date, I haven't gotten any pictures of them yet, but I do talk to their owners(my friends) regularly, and they are all very pleased with their pups. I have stopped and seen two of them and they met me with ease, I'm sure it's because they know me, it hasn't been that long since I've seen them, lol! I do have to say these guys are so smart and willing to please yet, they really took after the fila in that manner! I am still to date, more than impressed with them, although I realize that things may and probably will change a bit after they reach maturity...I just hope they don't get that stubborn streak their father, the Neo, has, lol! Right now, they listen so good, and walk easily on leashes, and are real big pleasers...They are very pleasant to be around... They are 19" at the shoulders, and average 50 to 60 lbs. On to the pics... Zeus running down the driveway...He's such a lug, and looks the most Neo"ish" out of them all... My 11 yr. old son Davidson with Hera... Davidson with Zeus... Hercules...Don't feel bad that he's not getting snuggled he was chewing on horse poo, just before this pic, LOL! Playing in the snow! Looks like, "OMG, don't bite my butt!" Here's Hercules's snuggle pic, LOL!
                                        • Adorable!
                                          • Zeus owns me...what a face he looks Neo does he act Neo or is he favoring Fila like Herc? They all look great, you must be a super mom :!:
                                            • Great looking pups!! ALV
                                              • Thanks RubberDucky and ALV ! NickD- Thanks! He does look the most like the Neo, IMO, he is such lug! He is like the others and has a much more laid back personality like the Neo. Not quite as laid back as their dad, but not even close to how their mom is with strangers...At this time, I'd say a pretty happy medium, leaning heavily towards my Neo's side of temperment. Herc is the only one that acts the most like my Fila when it comes to new people, and even he has a bit(a tiny bit) more laid back personality than her...because he does warm up after while, she does not ever....So he leans heavily towards my Fila's temperment... The one thing I was impressed with him, was how he stood his ground when a stranger rushed up on him bellering in his face and as shocked as he was, he stood there growled, barked and then snapped when the person went to grab him...only until after I had gotten the person away from him, did he walk(more like slink) away and come beside me, lol! Most puppies would have peed all over the floor, LOL! Super Mom, LMAO! That's funny! Anyhow, I have to head to work, thanks guys! You all have a great day!
                                                • They have turned out SO nice!!! Thanks for keeping us up to date-interesting looking-Very Neo in looks-I can't wait to see them as they mature into adults!
                                                  • filachick very nice breeding and absolutely very nice pups with extreme temperament. remember that this type of temperament is not for everyone so be sure where you place them. the owner has to be educated about the breed/cross first. oh, btw this is the type of tempeament i was trying to tell brazilliandogge about, not nervous or afraid of strangers but dislike them. i like to see it in my dogs even as puppies. how old did they start displaying this ability. and how is the dad with strangers and his guarding ability. once again congratulation. you are one of the limited few who is trying to preserve the working side of guard dog. best of luck troy
                                                    • filachick Just a advice... A classic Fila is a breed for professionals they could be pleasant, nice with kids around, all good things you can imagine... The cross with Neo could track some genes from 100 years ago, some genes that could not be nice/fit in our modern days (working) and those genes could probably just will appear in adult age only. That means explain the possibilities to all new puppies owners. In the other hand...the cross NEO x Filas could be a opportunity for whom need to beguin a Bandog Program using it to cross with a good strain of APBT, adding: tenacity, agility, stamina ; and reducing the overall size.
                                                      • nice, you picked up on the reality of a genetic road block when trying to back breed to old type. sometimes an outcross is good to line up on old genes and bring them out.
                                                        • Filachick, They're turning out awesome. Keeping 3 cool. Zeus is a tank! Hercules doesn't take to strangers...good boy! Hera looks like a Fila she may come into her own when matured. This was an excellent breeding.
                                                          • Thanks everyone, for the kind words and advice! I'll update again in a couple weeks...
                                                            • WOW, things have sure changed a lot since I've been away for awhile! Awesome!! ANYHOW...I just came by to update on the puppies for everyone...I have a couple pics, then my camera died, lol, so I'm waiting for it to charge so I can get more for here tomorrow.. So now the pups are 6 months old, between 75 and 80 lbs...23 to 25 inches at the shoulders...Two of them Hercules and Zeus, have the fila like temperment with the exception that they do "warm up" after about 20 minutes with a stranger...Still would not trust them alone with someone new, as when I am not in the room the scenerio changes a bit with a few certain people, they don't let them move...well they can move but then the puppies bark and growl and keep them cornered until I enter the room again...This is with completely new people. They do make "friends" with our friends who have come over a lot and they know and they are ok with them when I leave the room. So far they are great with all kids whether they know them or not...(don't worry we don't leave the room!) The rest of the clan, from what I hear, is very easy going if you allow the new people in, then they are good whether you're there or not...A couple of them will growl at strangers if you're nervous around the new person, the others haven't been in that situation to know...So it seems they still have good gaurding ability...but do not just go barking and growling at everyone that comes near, and are ok with you leaving the room with people that you are comfortable with...I haven't gotten any updated pics of the other pups to date... They are easy to work with and still so willing to please. They listen great even to the kids...Pretty mellow bunch for the most part, but very quick and athletic when playing...Still a tad clumsy with those big ole' paws! Every now and again one falls on thier face, while playing around! LOL! I have been very impressed with the respectfulness of these guys, they do not grab your hands, fingers, or any part of your body even when playing, and they do not jump all over you. And to date no domination wars, they just really seem to enjoy making us happy...It's pretty nice! [br][link={e_FILE}public/1238466249_6318_FT51587_mastiff_pups_003.jpg][img:width=400&height=300]{e_FILE}public/1238466249_6318_FT51587_mastiff_pups_003_.jpg">[/link][br][br][link={e_FILE}public/1238466249_6318_FT51587_mastiff_pups_004.jpg][img:width=400&height=300]{e_FILE}public/1238466249_6318_FT51587_mastiff_pups_004_.jpg">[/link][br][br][link={e_FILE}public/1238466249_6318_FT51587_mastiff_pups_005.jpg][img:width=400&height=300]{e_FILE}public/1238466249_6318_FT51587_mastiff_pups_005_.jpg">[/link][br]
                                                              • I really like these dogs... Neolas!!!
                                                                • good looking pups
                                                                  • Congratulations! I remember when this thread first started and what you said you wanted from the breeding. I'm glad that it has gone well and it sounds like you got pretty much what you wanted so far. They look great aswell by the way.
                                                                    • Thanks Boomslang! That's pretty catchy! Neolas! I like it! Thanks Carlos! and Thanks mw, it has gone well so far, and we're all really pleased with them...We still got a ways to go, but so far so good! Here's a couple more pics, these are of Zeus...It's kind of a "going... going... gone." scene... [br][link={e_FILE}public/1238513104_6318_FT51587_6_month_fila_neo_pups_007.jpg][img:width=400&height=300]{e_FILE}public/1238513104_6318_FT51587_6_month_fila_neo_pups_007_.jpg">[/link][br][br][link={e_FILE}public/1238513104_6318_FT51587_6_month_fila_neo_pups_002.jpg][img:width=400&height=300]{e_FILE}public/1238513104_6318_FT51587_6_month_fila_neo_pups_002_.jpg">[/link][br][br][link={e_FILE}public/1238513104_6318_FT51587_6_month_fila_neo_pups_006.jpg][img:width=400&height=300]{e_FILE}public/1238513104_6318_FT51587_6_month_fila_neo_pups_006_.jpg">[/link][br][br][link={e_FILE}public/1238513104_6318_FT51587_6_month_fila_neo_pups_010.jpg][img:width=400&height=300]{e_FILE}public/1238513104_6318_FT51587_6_month_fila_neo_pups_010_.jpg">[/link][br][br][link={e_FILE}public/1238513104_6318_FT51587_6_month_fila_neo_pups_012.jpg][img:width=400&height=300]{e_FILE}public/1238513104_6318_FT51587_6_month_fila_neo_pups_012_.jpg">[/link][br][br][link={e_FILE}public/1238513104_6318_FT51587_003.jpg][img:width=400&height=300]{e_FILE}public/1238513104_6318_FT51587_003_.jpg">[/link][br]
                                                                      • Wow great looking pups ! And they just so happen to be my favorite color !
                                                                        • The pups look great! Keep the pictures coming. How are the others doing with their owners? All my Best, Richard :)
                                                                          • Thanks Capone and Ragdog The other pups are doing great with thier new owners, I haven't gotten any pics of them yet, but hopefully within the next couple of months...Otherwise I have talked to them, and they are all really pleased with the pups and they've all said they listen really well and have trained very easily so far...So doing good! I'll post more pics again soon!
                                                                            • Filachick you have a PM
                                                                              • Nice cross,I had a German mastiff/Fila/Pit mix he was awesome.Do you plan to repeat the breeding?
                                                                                • Thanks Cacho! I'd love to see pics of your dog if you have any! While we do love the outcome of the pups, we are not planning on breeding them again...
                                                                                  • UPDATE: Well, here's the boys almost one year later. Zeus and Hercules. They both are very active guards. Out of the pups, these two maintained the closest to the fila temperment with the exception, that they do tolerate new people a lot better while being told to, and after a time will make "friends" with people and they learn to trust them, unfortunately if the new person shows any fear or "aggression in their eyes" at any time in the first couple of meetings they are quick to go on the defensive. They do not forget that person, and do not forgive the person's leary ways. If the person comes to the house again they watch them very closely, to see if they falter in any way and do not show any real trust in that person ever again. They are very smart and still so willing to please, they learn very quickly and with simple little psts at them, and they come right to us and sit or lay down as if they are applogizing. They are about 120 and 130lbs. and I didn't take a measurement at their shoulder for awhile but guessing I'd say 24 to 25" at the shoulder. Zues is the one with the white chest and feet, he's a lot more broad, Herc doesn't have much white at all, and is a bit leaner than his brother. They are big babies with the family, our other pets, and even new people as long as we are there letting them know that the new person is "ok", they will even roll over and give them their bellies to be rubbed, but do not tolerate any new person if we are not present. I've noticed that at dusk and night time they are even more leary and goosey, any small noise or movement sends them on the defensive, they will grab first and ask questions later, even more so when they are out with their dad as he seems to give them more reinforcement. So everyone has to let them know who they are in advance, as to just popping out of nowhere and saying boo, lol, that does not go over well at night time at all!! In the day time they are much more relaxed and do not even act as if they'd grab anyone, in fact they will try everything to detour a person to leave instead of a standing confrontation, they will bark, growl, and circle, to warn people but at dusk or after they go straight for whatever the perceived threat is, no hesitation. The other pups are all doing well, are good gaurds, but not so much like these guys, they do their gaurding while the people are away or at night, but otherwise are ok with everyone. Everyone is still very happy with their dogs and love them. [br][link={e_FILE}public/1253300681_6318_FT51587_fila_x_neo_10_months_002.jpg][img:width=450&height=338]{e_FILE} public/1253300681_6318_FT51587_fila_x_neo_10_months_002_.jpg">[/link][br][br][link={e_FILE} public/1253300681_6318_FT51587_fila_x_neo_10_months_003.jpg][img:width=450&height=338]{e_FILE} public/1253300681_6318_FT51587_fila_x_neo_10_months_003_.jpg">[/link][br][br][link={e_FILE} public/1253300681_6318_FT51587_fila_x_neo_10_months_004.jpg][img:width=450&height=338]{e_FILE} public/1253300681_6318_FT51587_fila_x_neo_10_months_004_.jpg">[/link][br][br][link={e_FILE} public/1253300681_6318_FT51587_fila_x_neo_10_months_016.jpg][img:width=450&height=338]{e_FILE}public/1253300681_6318_FT51587_fila_x_neo_10_months_016_.jpg">[/link][br][br][link={e_FILE}public/1253300681_6318_FT51587_fila_x_neo_10_months_026.jpg][img:width=450&height=338]{e_FILE}public/1253300681_6318_FT51587_fila_x_neo_10_months_026_.jpg">[/link][br][br][file={e_FILE}public/1253300681_6318_FT51587_fila_x_neo_10_months_030.jpg]fila_x_neo_10_months_030.jpg[/file]
                                                                                    • Try it again...[br][link={e_FILE}public/1253304400_6318_FT51587_fila_x_neo_10_months_002.jpg][img:width=450&height=338]{e_FILE}public/1253304400_6318_FT51587_fila_x_neo_10_months_002_.jpg">[/link][br][br][link={e_FILE}public/1253304400_6318_FT51587_fila_x_neo_10_months_004.jpg][img:width=450&height=338]{e_FILE}public/1253304400_6318_FT51587_fila_x_neo_10_months_004_.jpg">[/link][br][br][link={e_FILE}public/1253304400_6318_FT51587_fila_x_neo_10_months_003.jpg][img:width=450&height=338]{e_FILE}public/1253304400_6318_FT51587_fila_x_neo_10_months_003_.jpg">[/link][br]
                                                                                      • on the surface, aesthetically...they turning out nice...and will look more impressive after they fully fill out & mature...
                                                                                        • [quote1253416211=filachick] Thanks Cacho! I'd love to see pics of your dog if you have any! While we do love the outcome of the pups, we are not planning on breeding them again... [/quote1253416211] FilaChick I am so sry,but my laptop crashed and I lost all of my pics.When I get a new camara I will shoot some pics of my female Fila.
                                                                                          • Its hard to believe its been a year.They are growing up so well! BTW, did you ever read The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. It takes place in your area I think. All my Best, Richard
                                                                                            • Nice to see them now! I agree its crazy to think these guys were born a year ago. Nice looking dogs btw. Please don't stop keeping us updated- J
                                                                                              • I know! The year has just flown by! Too quickly for sure! The trees are changing colors already here, ugh! anyhow, thanks all for stopping back to see them, lol! I'll keep updating! I didn't get to read that story Richard, but now you've got me interested, lol, so I'll have to find it! Thanks for the heads up on it! Would love to see those pics cacho, but no hurry, when you get a new camera and have the spare time!
                                                                                                • beautiful babies filachick, do you have pix of the parents by any chance? Id love to see who influences what traits. :)
                                                                                                  • Updates?
                                                                                                    • [quote1326688550=filachick] I know! The year has just flown by! Too quickly for sure! The trees are changing colors already here, ugh! anyhow, thanks all for stopping back to see them, lol! I'll keep updating! I didn't get to read that story Richard, but now you've got me interested, lol, so I'll have to find it! Thanks for the heads up on it! Would love to see those pics cacho, but no hurry, when you get a new camera and have the spare time! [/quote1326688550] Just wanted to say that I really loved this thread and would love to see some videos of these dogs doing protection.
                                                                                                      • ImageSorry I have no videos of them doing "protection"... Here's some pics of them a bit older...





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