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What breed of "guard dog" is best for ME & my

Pam, A Great Pyrenees is not a herder. It is a livestock guardian dog. They are a very level headed dog, but will turn it on when need be. You might also want to look into the Anatolian Shepherd dog, the AB, Bull Terrier, GSD. If I were to go looking for a guardian of the mastiff variety, I would look into the Neo. Hope this helps. Mike
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    • [quote="new2neos"] Boerboel: This is yet another breed my hubby really has an affection for, although we've never seen one IRL. When I saw Patti Labelle's boerboel on Dog Whisperer, I was amazed at how closely it resembled a Mastiff, yet it seemed to have more temperment substance in regard to guarding ability...perhaps? I decided to try and research some breeders of Boerboel, but came up with nothing. Plus, the look of the dog seems to be all over the place...some looking like Mastiffs, others looking more like CCorsos, and some looking "hound-ish", from what I have seen online. ?? Are there no breed standards for this dog, in the USA? How would one go about finding a reputable Boerboel breeder in the USA, to speak with? [/quote] I have noticed the difference in looks in this breed as well. One thing I have noticed with some of the Mastiff Breeds is that while some individuals that have the "type" charicteristics of a show dog may have a very distinct look to them, many of the avg purebreeds look very similar to each other. I have seen Cane Corso's, that don't have their tails and ears cropped, that look like small OEMs or Leggy BMs.. I've seen some Boerbols that look like Rodesian Ridgebacks and others that look like BMs. My wife and I both noticed that Patti Labelle's Boerbol looks so much like our dog that it could easily pass as a male litermate of hers... 8) P.S. I disagree with those that say you are asking for too much. This is not because I think they are giving any incorrect dog related information to you (I think they know a lot more about these dogs than I do). But rather that I think they are reading more into what you want than I am. I think you and your family would be very happy with a nice Bullmastiff or DDB. Yes they have some health problems (same as most mastiff breeds) but they can live 8-12 years with good care and that is longer than what you said you did not want. It is also true that they will not be as vigilant or agressive of a gaurdian as a Presa, or a Kangal, or a Sarplaninic etc, but in my eyes, those are experts only breeds anyways... It does not seem to me like you are asking for a super dog. Just a good, indoor, family dog that will give you some measure of security. And a BM or a DDB can fill that niche very nicely... HOWEVER like the above others have said, the key to it all may be how your little Shi Tzu is with your new dog. Many little toy breeds act out twards large dogs in a mannor that can only result in them getting hurt...Is your little dog good with large dogs and large pups???
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        • [quote="new2neos"]esprinter: :) You are spot on on your ability to read through my intentions as relayed by my thread. Thank you for providing a very informative, intelligent, non aggressive response. I will definitely keep seeking Bullmastiff reputable breeders, and continue further researching the breed. [/quote] Thanks..... I think. :wink: 8) As for your question "is a Bullmastiff a Molesser?" There is a person on here (Raylane) who seems to have spent a lot of time researching that type of thing, who would know doubt no more on this than I. I will say, however, that if an Old English Mastiff is a Molesser, then a Bullmastiff also has to be one. This is simply because the BM is mostly OEM. In addition (and here is where some sources seem to disagree) the Old English Bulldog may have been from a common ancester of or an older form of OEM... Furthermore after WWII OEM's were so rare, that other breeds including BMs, were bred into the bloodline to prevent over inbreeding and DNA studies show BMs and OEMs to be 2 of the most closely related dog breeds (no big suprise there). Thus biologically, it would make absolutly no sense to classify one breed a molosser and not the other... :idea:
          • It's funny you fuss at others about being rude, when they gave you honest assessments from your own words... and yet you attack everyoen that doesn't coddle you. I gave you the blunt honest truth and you came abck attacking with snide and rude comments. Not once did I attack you or accuse you of being a "wannabe" or anything of the sort. I never said you were useless, had a low IQ, or anything else attacking you personally or your intelligence... I could have gone that way but I didn't, I kept it to the honest assessments from your own words. You started the attacks here, no one else, actually you are the only one I've seen attack anyone in this thread so far. Take a step back, reel in the defensiveness, and read what's really being said. [quote="new2neos"]esprinter: :) You haven't a clue as to what a Shih Tzu is, do you? [/quote] As an aside, yes I do know what a Shih Tzu is, I've trained many. I've seen many play well with my GSD's and my Shiloh in the past. My Shiloh was over 120 pounds and they were **fine**. My Sheltie that weighs 20 pounds plays head to head with my Pit with no problem, hell he can take down my nearly 200 pound CO with no problem. All your post to me has done has gone to prove my point, you coddle your little dog and think it is fragile. You are not ready for a large breed dog. You will freak out if your large dog accidentally hits it or hurts it, even in play. It's not me having stereotypes about small breeds, it's me seeing you thinking yours is much more fragile than it is and you not being realistic and as such responding to that. You didn't see what I said, I never once attacked your breed or dog... I said YOU weren't being realistic. You are not realistic with yourself or with your dogs or what to expect from the dogs (or your current one). I don't think you should be adding a large breed into it, just from your response here I can already see you will not be fair to the large breed dog at all when it comes to your smaller dog. I am "man" enough to admit when I'm wrong, I'm also "man" enough to stand by my words and not revert to defensiveness and attacking when someone sees things differently than myself. I can take constructive criticism and grow from it if need be, ignore it if they are off base. The really sad part is you can't see what I'm saying, you aren't able to take constructive criticism in this, you are taking it as an attack when it's not. I hope you see past your defensiveness and read what's really being said... it could say you and your future dog a lot of heart ache.
            • [quote="Eyes Of Fire"] [quote="new2neos"]esprinter: :) You haven't a clue as to what a Shih Tzu is, do you? [/quote] [/quote] Hey, 8O how did my board name get put with this quote?? :? :hi
              • Bad quote there somehow, not sure... I think they quoted you and I didn't clean it up right. The quote was new2neos/Pam, I can edit it later just want it clear I didn't edit it at all before they read it.
                • Yes, The bullmastiff is a MOLOSSER. It was created by crosing 4 molosser breeds, the mastiff, the bulldog, the bull terrier and the great dane.
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                    • I figured it was something like that. 8)
                      • [quote=new2neos] I don't care what your Sheltie can or cannot do, in regards to going toe to toe with a Pitbull. lol A Sheltie's temperment is in no way comparable to a Shih Tzu. Are you for real? [/quote] I'm quite aware the temperaments are different but your arguments were never about temperament they were about your "small" dog and how easily it can be crushed or broken by these big dogs. I was giving you an example of a small dog, only about five pounds heavier than yours in fact, that is perfectly fine. I'm well aware of what the breed is and how they are. You seem to like to make assumptions and not actually read what is said. Whatever happened with that breeder's dogs is due to her own negligence and nothing to do with the dogs not being able to cohabit if properly raised and handled. But, yes, go ahead and jump to your conclusions and assumptions. I will do you the favor of staying out of your threads however. I see now you can't do anything except resort to personal attacks and snide remarks if someone doesn't totally agree with you. It's a shame, you'll never learn and grow that way. Maybe, later, when your defensiveness is in check you can come back and read this... and see what is really being said, not just your assumptions and aggression. The only person calling people names, attacking them, and being rude in this thread is **you**. No use trying to help someone like that. Good luck, you'll need it if this is how you come at people trying to give you honest answers.
                        • Hi New2Neos I think you posted the same sort of question on another site? First of all, no matter which breed of dog you choose until you get the idea out of your head that your Shih Tzu is not number one and both dogs will be equal, I see no point in considering getting another dog. If you dont do that then the new dog will consider your Shih Tzu a pampered pet and treat it accordingly. You have to realise your dogs are pets, not children (although you should treat your children the same and not favour one more than the other). I tend to agree with Eyes of Fire and until you except constructive criticism about why you are asking the question in the first place about which dog will get on with your Shih Tzu, you will not go forward in your thinking and you shouldnt be considering a new dog with so much negativity in your mind. I agree you need to choose wisely which breed of dog. But once chosen and you purchase say an 8 week old pup, mostly you will have you work cut out 'training' your Shih Tzu into accepting your new pup along with training your new pup the basics which everyone has to do with a new pup. The pup will not be your problem but the 'spoilt pouch' you are so worried about. Take a step back and ask yourself why you were asking the question in the first place and consider some of the answers, which so far on reading are good. Good Luck Lynn
                          • [quote="new2neos"]So, where is the Bullmastiff forum on this board, then? I don't see one for "Bullmastiff". ?? ~Pam[/quote]Typically when there is not enough interest in discussing a breed I remove the forum to keep things nice and fast. The Bullmastiff was discussed in [url=http://molosserdogs.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=2311]this topic[/url]. If needed I will create a forum for the BM but so far there has been no interest. Break Everyone - please take a deep breath and go back and read the original post where new2neos asked for suggestions. Stick to the topic. If you know a breed will not get along with a Shih tzu then please advise that. but don't create assumptions based on hypotheticals. If properly raised and boundaries of behavior are established early I believe the dogs will get along fine. At some point their pack order will be established and I have an idea the Shih Tzu will be second dog. The owners actions will either help to affirm this or create a situation where the Shih Tzu may be rolled by the bigger dog. The situation is not that complicated and we can sit her and second guess and over think it quite easily... please just read the original post and assist if you can with the direct questions posted. Keep the guesses and assumptions out of the topic. If you need to ask a followon question then do so. Refrain from personl attacks and insults. I really don't have time to deal with them so save me the trouble.
                            • [quote="new2neos"] 1-I'm a female AND I live in suburbia -- this shouldn't be seen as a "con", but I've read some pretty derrogatory remarks about "suburban wives" on this board before. ;) I'm 5'5.5, 127lb, into fitness -- ie, cardio, weight training, pilates, etc -- so smaller framed, but fit. I work from home most of the time, but also go into our office occasionally. I'd like to have the protection of a guard dog for home, as well as for when I'm in the office. My personality is ultra-feminine, but I'm also a disciplinarian and have no problem laying down the law, when needed (my dad was Army, and raised my sister and I as if we were also enlisted, lol.... 'nuff said). On the con side, I admitably have a quick sharp temper, though I'm learning to be calm assertive (thanks, Cesar! lol). In other words, while I love my toy dog, I don't have any qualms about owning/handling a working breed, as I'm a good student and am willing to put in the neccessary time and effort needed to own a guard dog. My main worry is finding a large guard dog whose temperment will be SAFE around my small dog -- see point 3, below. 2-I'm married (hubby is 6'4", 228, ex college football, personal trainer part time, owns guns, etc), so while he can easily take care of himself, while I'm home alone, I'd like to have the protection of a guard dog. I am going to start going to the shooting range with my dh, starting in the next month, but still...I really want to have a large guard dog with me at home, in the car, at the office, while traveling, etc. 3- (now for the killer point here, I know....) I am the proud AND loving owner of a beautiful little 6 yo, f, spayed Shih Tzu :) :) :) (go ahead, laugh, but she's a baby doll and the love of my life, and yeah....she's a pet. And oh yeah, she comes from a very reputable show breeder, too boot! lol). 4-I've owned many breeds in my lifetime, but most have been either Toy Breeds or small Hounds (Peke, Beagle, Basset, and now a Shih Tzu). My family did have a GSD when I was growing up -- that is the closest experience I have to owning a guard type dog. Guard Dog Requirements: 1- ok, again, I'm sure a lot of you will want to laugh/mock, etc this point, but it's the most important criteria for me: Whichever breed of guard dog we purchase, he MUST MUST MUST be able to SAFELY co-exist (temperment wise!) with our Shih Tzu. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. She is my first responsibility. 2-The guard dog MUST be able to be kept as an INDOOR dog (hence the importance of the above point!). I don't care about drool, as I'm super anal and am able to keep my home sparkling, regardless of how much attention I must pay towards it. :) 3-The guard dog MUST be able to move/function without undue stress. We're not speaking frisbee here, nor the need to go on a long run, for hours at a time, but I do want a dog who can at least walk a mile a day, without fear of causing him some injury. A low to moderate energy level is what I want, but "low" NOT meaning he can't walk! 4- We want a guard dog breed who is NOT going to have a host of breed specific health ailments, nor one who is going to have an unusally short lifespan! I do not want to invest the love, time, nor money into a dog who will only live 5 or 6 years. That is not a dog, imho. And though I know that most large breeds cannot live as long as a Toy Breed, I would hope that a 10+ year lifespan is do-able. 5-The guard dog breed must be one who is controlable/trainable/reliable in temperment, in that if I am taking him to the office, he must be able to be SAFE around employees as well as customers. Yet he must also be reliable to guard, should the need arise. And add to that that living in a suburban area, we are surrounded by kids, and other neighbors. We'll need to walk the dog IN the neighborhood. We do not want a lawsuit-on-a-leash. I have to be sure that IF we socialize and train the dog in obedience, he can be relied upon to NOT charge/attack without provocation. Is this even remotely a possibility?? 6-The guard dog MUST be able to be BOTH a guardian, as well as a PET (yes, I know some of you may be cringing, but we have a social lifestyle here. I need a dog who will be safe amongst extended visiting family, friends, etc). Is this even possible, to have BOTH a guard dog as well as socialized "pet"?? 7- *added* I live in a State where the winters are pretty mild (45 deg F, is on avg the coldest here), but the summers are HOT and HUMID (90F+, with about 80+% humidity is fairly common for June-Aug). I'm guessing we'd need a short coated/single coated guard dog? ******************************* ******************************* 1- What purebreed of guard dog is best for my situation? Please give me at least 3 purebreeds to research (again, NO smart-aleck replies, puh-leeeeeze) 2-Is training that breed in PP, overkill for my situation? IF so, what type of training should I search out, to make the dog a good guardian as well as a reliable socialized "pet"? (and safe to be around my small dog) ~Pam[/quote] Pam, This seems like a simple one. I would go with the Boerboel. The Boerboel is a large dog that is muscular and will be seen as a deterent to those that may be a threat. Anyone would feel safe around one. They have a nice amenable personality. He will be okay with your other small dog. He most likely will become good friends with Shih Tzu. They are confident yet don't have to display it unless called upon. They are able to decipher friend from foe. They're healthy among other large breeds. They will live longer than 10 years. They don't need a lot of exercise. A daily walk will suffice. They do want to be by your side and want human affection. Yes you can have a pet and guard dog in the same dog. They like all guardian breeds should be socialized as a pup. Take your pup boerboel with you as you would during your daily routine. This will let your pup see what is normal and as he gets older he will know what is normal and what is not normal. When he's a pup and as he gets older properly introduce to him friends and relatives. Enroll him and yourself in basic obedience. You may enjoy some of the classes and find other classes you may want to enroll in. I would not suggest any of the bully breeds they will not get along with your shih tzu. They also have strong personalities. They will be a little too much for what your looking for. I would not suggest the Neo because of their health and lack of mobility. I would not suggest the Dogue De Bourdeax or Mastiff because they may not rise to the occasion if needed. The Boerboel is somewhere in the middle of these breeds in temperment and seems to fit your situation and needs for a dog. When you look for a breeder find someone that only has one or two breedings per year. Make sure their parents hips are xrayed and okay. You want a breeder that treats them as family. Good luck :)
                              • I have to disagree. The boerboel is a VERY hard dog, not for the faint of heart or those inexperienced with very large, very powerful breeds set on guarding.
                                • I agree about the Boerbull and find they are a one man dog and are not very social with smaller dogs. I have owned English mastiff with small dogs aswell as Bullmastiffs. I found the bullmastiff to be the one which would tend to leave the small dog alone and play occasionally but was very gentle. I had a dashhound and Jack Russell which got on fine with her. So in my experience I would go with the Bullmastiff.
                                  • new2neos: I have a 4 year old 110lb Cane Corso Italiano that grew up with a 7lb Toy Poodle and a 12lb Miniature Schnauzer. They romped and played together and both were female. I actually believe that a toy poodle is smaller and more fragile than a shitzu so that shouldn't be a concern. OF course, accidents do happen and they will happen with any kind of dog. As for the Boerboel, my understanding is that they are "very hard" mastiffs needing lots of exercise and are quite dominant. Boerboels in South Africa are known for their vicious attacks on their owners and these aggressive traits "are known" to some lines in particular. I really like the breed though and would consider one if you want a working molosser. http://boerboel.mu.nu/2006/03/26/latest-attack-story/ ALV
                                    • I lived in South Africa for a number of years and when visiting homes where friends owned Boerbulls, the dog was always put away when guests arrived. The owners had total control but the dog if not familiar with small children or adults ,most owners prefered to lock them away. Although saying that I must admit on discussion not one of the owners would trade their dog for another breed. South Africa has major crime and the boerbull is feared by many. I do not think it is a dog for anyone and takes a lot of control by the owner. In South Africa they have a purpose Im not sure new2neos would need a dog like that. And also not one of those owners owned small dogs which I visited.
                                      • Actually News24.com has many articles about the Boerboel. Readers must remember that in most cases these are serious working dogs protecting farms in South Africa. [url=http://www.news24.com/News24/South_Africa/News/0,,2-7-1442_2086289,00.html]Read more...[/url]
                                        • The most feared dog I ever came across in Southern Africa and I will confirm I was also terrified of him was a Rhodesian Ridgeback bred in South Africa. He was called Rommel and although a family pet did not like anyone but the family on the property. Luckily he would be put away before the electric gate opened and I would not get out until I knew he was put away. My windows and door locked just in case.
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                                            • I'm sure we can all find isolated incidents of any breeds' attacks. I believe the Boerboel to be a mid level guard dog in temperment. The following guard dogs are high level guard dogs in temperment: Fila Brazillian Bandogge American Bandog Presa Cane Corso CO Sar there are others... The following you may take your chances if they are guarding and they don't fit part of her criteria. Neo DDB The following will most likely not get along with her Shih Tzu: Pit Bull American Bulldog English Bull Terrier there are others... Always listen to all views and ideas and don't go by just my opinions. :)
                                              • Pam, On second thought, you may not need a large dog. You can get protection in mid size dogs as well without the worry. The boxer is a loyal trustworthy guard dog. They have a fun personality and will get along with your Shih Tzu. You may want to do research on medium weight dogs and see what other members here think on medium size guard dogs. They are deterents, guards and they eat less.
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                                                  • Wow...
                                                    • [quote="new2neos"] Hi esprinter: :) lol. Sorry that you somehow got dragged into the fray. lol I don't know how Eyes of Fire managed to misquote you, or pin you to my quote.....oh, wait...on second thought, it makes total sense, given his/her misappropriate responses to my thread. Nonetheless, sorry your name got pinned incorrectly. ******* Mike: Thanks for your response, re whether or not a Bullmastiff is or is not a Molosser. So, where is the Bullmastiff forum on this board, then? I don't see one for "Bullmastiff". ?? ~Pam[/quote] It was a simple mistake, I'm not worried about it. It seems to me that the above friction is more of a clash of commuication styles than anything else. The more I think about it and the more I read here from others, the more it sounds like the Bullmastiff may be a choice you would like. But I am biased, because I know if you had one like mine you would be happy. I have also wondered why there was not a Bullmastiff forum here. I wish there was one, because I would use it... :)
                                                      • Pam, We have a Neo and although the average Neo owner would call her a Neo/Corso (who gives a damn) she is a superb dog, gentle and kind but very guardy but not an ounce of dog/person aggression, she has met numerous small dogs and actually lets them nip her and paws them very gently, next door has a Lhasa Apso who she adores, we have a Rottie cross who can play quite ruff (no pun intended) and she plays back with him, only ruffer and will pin him down without hurting him, basically she is very intelligent and thoughtful. Now thats OK I hear you say but will she protect you, OH YES without doubt and is she athletic, again yep she sure is, I've (hopefully) posted a quick video, not much but you can see how she moves for a 130Lb 17 month old dog. If you can find a Neo from a hunting/working kennel they will (with work on your part) make a superb pet/guard. One thing I would add is I've found guardian breeds dont need shouting at, calmer the better, very assertive yes but full out temper shouting will ruin them, again this is only my opinion dont want to start a fight. If you can find a Neo breeder with athletic types go check them out, a superb looking dog is Agrippina's Goiter bred by Nikki. Good luck in your search but dont over-look an athletic Neo. Hey WOLF remember when you said "That dog is going to kill you one day" after I dressed Cleo up as Mother Xmas :lol: , well check out the 2 nd video, she got me right in the nuts :cry: [URL=http://s216.photobucket.com/albums/cc243/gisabreak/?action=view&current=Picture909.flv][/URL] [URL=http://s216.photobucket.com/albums/cc243/gisabreak/?action=view&current=Picture911.flv][/URL]
                                                        • Pam, I'm sorry but I didn't get to read all of your post. Too long for my attention span. One thing I can tell you is that your small dog will NEVER be 100% safe no matter what dog you get. Dogs are dogs and in the blink of an eye something can happen. It is really up to you. I've known labs that are extremely dog aggressive and Pits that are as dog friendly as can be. You need to make sure that the pack structure is in place and treat these dogs as they are: dogs! My Corso actually got along great with the poodle and not so great with the schnauzer. The actually fought over a a dead lizard in the yard and guess who won? The schnauzer had over 25 stitches and was torn up pretty bad. I would also suggest you get a dog from the opposite sex. My suggestions: - great dane (big and scary. some are good guardians - not protectors) - Bullmastiff (some are very mellow some are very dog aggressive and dominant) - Dogo Argentino (dominant but pack driven so will tolerate other dogs) - DDB (rare ones are athletic and protective) most out there are plagued with problems and won't guard - Corso (could be a good choice) A Corso from good stock should have the stable temperament you look for and the confidence to not care about small dogs. Good Corsos have high prey drive, but if you work with a REPUTABLE breeder that works and temp tests the dogs, you can work to find the most suitable for your condition. One more (hypothetical but very possible) thing, if you get a "guard dog" and he /she gets into a scuffle over food you "by mistake" left out and kills the shi tzu, would you get rid of the big dog? If the answer is yes, then you shouldn't get the dog. Best, ALV
                                                          • [quote=esprinter]I have also wondered why there was not a Bullmastiff forum here. I wish there was one, because I would use it... :)[/quote]Alright then - [url=http://molosserdogs.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewforum&f=122]Prove it by clicking here![/url] :lol:
                                                            • Gary, I clicked it and it told me SORRY ACCESS DENIED
                                                              • Worked for me as regular user. Anyone else having issues with the link. [url=http://molosserdogs.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewforum&f=122]Prove it by clicking here![/url] or directly http://molosserdogs.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewforum&f=122
                                                                • It did say access denied but after re-logging in it works fine. Gray.
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                                                                    • [quote=gsicard"][quote="esprinter]I have also wondered why there was not a Bullmastiff forum here. I wish there was one, because I would use it... :)[/quote]Alright then - [url=http://molosserdogs.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewforum&f=122]Prove it by clicking here![/url] :lol:[/quote] Thanks!! :mrgreen:
                                                                      • I can sell you one of my Dachsund Bandogs. They are small, 20-30 lbs and full of muscle. They are all super-aggressive and kill trained from 6 weeks old to attack the junk with their lock-jaw. My Dachsund Bandogs which I lovingly term, Weiner-dogs-from-the-lowest-level-of-hell or WDFLLH acronym for short, which I will use from now on when referring to them, will protect you with their life. The MD admins were considering creating a profile for them, but after much debate Gary thought the breed too violent and aggressive to be sold to the public. As one of my WDFLLH's killed like two CO's at the same time in a fight. SOOOOO, you'll totally have to PM for info on this amazing breed I have created. er, anyway, maybe they are too hard for your needs, but should you want info anyway, just holler! And yeah Bullmastiffs are totally cool dogs, look into them, I think they are fun dogs and they scare the crap out of people.
                                                                        • [quote=redneksamurai]I can sell you one of my Dachsund Bandogs. They are small, 20-30 lbs and full of muscle. They are all super-aggressive and kill trained from 6 weeks old to attack the junk with their lock-jaw. My Dachsund Bandogs which I lovingly term, Weiner-dogs-from-the-lowest-level-of-hell or WDFLLH acronym for short, which I will use from now on when referring to them, will protect you with their life. The MD admins were considering creating a profile for them, but after much debate Gary thought the breed too violent and aggressive to be sold to the public. As one of my WDFLLH's killed like two CO's at the same time in a fight. SOOOOO, you'll totally have to PM for info on this amazing breed I have created. er, anyway, maybe they are too hard for your needs, but should you want info anyway, just holler! And yeah Bullmastiffs are totally cool dogs, look into them, I think they are fun dogs and they scare the crap out of people.[/quote] :lol: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I've liked your humor and comments, ever since I got on here.. 8)
                                                                          • Thank you thank you, so nice to have fans *bow*
                                                                            • [quote=new2neos]Thanks to ALL who have responded in an informative way to my thread! I appreciate your breed suggestions.[/quote] Lynnicks: :) Hi there. You know me Lynn, from IL Col, and from Undergroundmastino. I do not believe I've posted this same question (re which breed of guard dog is right for me) on this board. ? I did a search under my sign on name, and could find no such thread. I DID post whether or not the NEO would be right for us, on either Il Col or UndergrdM. Maybe that is what you were referring to? In either event, you gave me the same lecture re my Tzu and NOT favoring her over the new large pup. :wink: I took everything you said to heart, and assured you then (as I am now) that I would NEVER favor one over the other, regardless of whether the new pup was a poodle, another Tzu, a Neo, or whatever. However, although I will love both and care for both "the same", I cannot (nor should I be expected to) "treat" each exactly the same. The Tzu is 100% companion, ONLY. She wears bows in her hair, and wears fancy color coordinated harnesses. LOL You wouldn't expect me to treat a Neo, or a PYR, or a GSD that way, would you? NO. One is a small fluffy who will need special care to protect her from physical harm. The other is a guard dog breed, who also needs to be respected and treated as such. I, too, understand that I must be "alpha" over both dogs; not allowing them to try and gain rank over each other. These lessons have all be learned. I am not sure why you think/thought I didn't "get it", but be reassured that I do. To refresh your memory, we researched the Neo and Mastiff since 1996! In 12 years, we have not rushed to purchase. Please do not worry that I would shower the smaller one with all the love, and treat the larger dog as a far second! I'll cherish them both the same, but I will also treat each breed according to their respective "needs" and breed requirements. Thanks again for your response, Lynn. And I appreciate your opinion in regard to a Bullmastiff. We've considered this breed for 4 years now, and am a member on a few of their breed boards. I just need to find some reputable breeders to speak with that are located near my area. ************************************* Pam It was not a lecture and Im sorry you took it that way, although biting back at people doesnt help you find answers to your questions. My response was not getting at you owning a small dog, I have owned many from rescue in the past. Even negitive answers you can find 'your answer'. All responses should be considered with an open mind. 12 years researching breeds is a very long time and you could do it for another 12 years and still not find what you are looking for. ALL dogs have good sides and bad sides. You have to find the one that suites your circumstances. And even then you cannot always garantee it will suit. There is a member on UGM that dresses her Neo up so maybe its the breed for you. Just joking I know what you meant. As for the Boerbull I wasnt saying a woman couldnt handle one I just think when you first get one it is a 24/7 job training one. If you dont work fine but that would be up to you, but without total dedication they can turn on you or your other animals. Boerbulls live in South Africa on farms and large properities. IMO not suited to your lifestyle. Yes I have owned Bullmastiffs and I think they are great dogs and seem to fit in to what you want. Good Luck Lynn ***************************************
                                                                              • Pam - The fact some of these knuckleheads haven't run you off speaks volumes about your commitment to be succesfull in getting the right dog for your family. Temperment is the total sum of a dogs personnality. It can be complex Rottweilers can be Hard & deterimed and very sensitive to thier owners at the same time. One can make hundreds of prong corrections og a GSD and they will LOL at you. The same or a Rotty and some will shut down....You can do more with stern look with a Rotty than you can with a whip & Chair. It's best to have a breeder descibe the Temperment of thier dogs & lines. Drives speak about motivation of a given dog FOOD is obvious. Prey/Play drive is just that, a sleeve becomes a big Toy. In Defence the Dog wants to kill the objective. Other may be more precise but I think you get the idea. Per our eariler conversations, I believe your going to be the most successful with the breeds that are more responcive to OB training. German Rottys have been selected for the last 100 years to be trainable for shutzhund sport and K-9 work. German line Dobes & GSDs also. Dogs that are bred to be indipendant thinkers are a lot of work for experienced trainners. NOT that you wouldn't step up tp the challenge of course. :lol: Someware in between are other dogs that may or may not fit. You are the only one that can know your true need. Even a big loveable LeonBurger or Berner foaming at the mouth inside you home looking at a stranger on the porch is plenty intimdating. 8O We have a neighbor with a bullmastiff that is like that. But, in the yard a little baby talk over the fence and he turns to Jello :lol: :lol: So are you having fun yet? :D
                                                                                • The member who posted this text was banned - and the post is depricated.
                                                                                  • I have had quite a few of the dogs you asked about, sometimes with a rescued/foster small dog. My rottie would tolerate anything (except food sharing) with anything SMALLER than him. Sad they get such a bad rap from insuransce co. This may sound crazy but I had a 20lb male poodle for 15 years that challenged every dog I ever brought home..he had to be put in his place NOT the big dog by ME from jump. Find a dog breed you love..and DO NOT be afraid of a cross a Boxweiler is a helluva dog..I had a lab/pit that lived with above poodle for 14 years That may have been the best all around dog I'll ever own. I think that MD like NJ is very hot and humid so I agree a short hair dog with a snout would be best. Look at dogs parents and the home they come from ...only way I buy dogs...I find breeders for profit BS artists who will say anything to justify their crazy prices. My 2¢ I have had no problems with the following dogs living under my roof with a small unfixed male 20 lb poodle..who though he was a 150lb CO A Johnson am bulldog..(gus on saving grace) big mean looking little drool,not a big shedder..DO NOT GET Scott bloodlines, Painter, Leclerc, Hines, as they have 2 much prey drive Boxer, again not a show breeder I have a family who spent 1500.00 for a show dog who has stomach issues..but I have 2 friends that have homeraised dogs a bit to large for show standards that are 100% Boxweiler, neat dogs big scary yet smart enough (the rottie) to be really sharp. Bullmastiff from working stock..again check parents Dobie smart scary looking and VERY trainable neocorso ..so hard to find but the 2 I rescued made me buy my current cc whose parents lived with pugs. My pups new best buddy is a neighbors 7lb chi wa wa CC for above reasons And no matter what dog u get even another "foo foo" type your current dog will be jealous and you'll have to work thru that( just because you'll HAVE 2 spend so much of your time with puppie) last thing big dogs need to be MULTI dog socialized and multi people socialized ( if u want him 2 go to work etc) Let me make it clear when I say big and scary looking I do not intend that for the people on this forum I mean it for the people who know very little about our type of dogs.
                                                                                    • I Have a Cao de fila de Sao Miguel (Azores cattle dog) she is 6 months old. Exellent dog we have two daughters 2.5 & 5.5 also two cats we are getting a litte pup that will only be 4lb when grown. I'm not worried about the small dog getting hurt my mom has a 3lb dog my pup wants to play with the small dog but is respectfull like she is with the cats she is very stable & Sound needs a firm hand but very responsive. I got her at 8 weeks 3 days later we went to our lake lot she doen't wander has never been locked up just some renforment of the border the kids next door have to come on our property to play with the dog when they leave she stays. Now they are a very strong breed but have been selected for 500 years to be the best farm dog possible by people that needed a dog that would protect them from pirates but not eat the chickens stay on the farm or with the cattle there life depended on it even watching the melon patch a woman I know grew up on the Island says they would play in the melon patch the dogs never bit the kids but nobody could take a melon.I think this is a great breed I've worked 2.5 years in a vet clinic the largest in my city I have owed 3 generations of rottweiler female's one litter each exept the last one was very dog agressive I didn't breed her she lived to 10.5 I had them from 1989 to 2006 I also helped agitate 3 GSD dogs that made it to the police force. This is a good working breed that hasn't been ruined by show people or population surges I think they are capable of anything search & rescue in or out of water, protection of everything you have thats not true of many breeds. They are long lived usually 15-16 years with no know heath issues they have a short coat but not super short that is always brindle the only breed I know that is always brindle. They aren't a giant breed they range from 19 to 24 inches and 60 to 90 pounds small females to large males my female Is 21 inches and 54 pounds at 6 months she should be about 23in 80pd. There is the estrella mountian dog that comes in short or long hair they are more than 110pd they are a livestock gardian breed.
                                                                                      • In Oct 08 we purchased a Boerboel puppy from Wilby Boerboels in Charlotte, NC. We live in the Philly suburbs but decided to go with this breeder rather than one located much closer to our home because temperment is so important in large guardian breeds and this breeder had a reputation for breeding well balanced dogs. I have also heard good things about Mae Boerboel and Stonegate Kennels. All three of these breeders do PennHip testing and post the results of that, along with other tests and SABT Scores on their websites. They also stress the importance of breeding for good temperment. With that said, I can tell you that our 5 month old male boerboel gets along fine with other dogs in the puppy socialization class we bring him to weekly. HOWEVER, at first he really wasn't too interested in mingling with the other dogs (a bit aloof), which makes me think that he could become a bit dog aggressive if we don't continue with regular socialization as he grows. Also, he has this fascination with small, furry dogs. He likes to hold them down with his paw and sniff and lick the little dogs. Of course, that scares the little ones but I really don't think he intends on hurting them. He also does this with my two cats. My only worry is that he'll hurt them accidently with his big ole clumsy self. Here's a pic of him and our other dog. He's the brindle. http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb239/GORILLA_MONSOON/Rocco/securitysystem.jpg I'm by no means an expert on dogs, but this has been my experience thus far with the Boerboel and my opinion on Boerboel breeders comes from at least 6 months of talking to breeders, lurking on dog and boerboel forms and reading misc stuff on the internet.
                                                                                        • [quote=Sunduri]~because temperment is so important in large guardian breeds and this breeder had a reputation for breeding well balanced dogs.[/quote]Yes, you are correct - temperament is important in a large guardian breed - specifically, good GUARDING temperament is essential in the large guardian breed. Just what do you mean by well balanced dogs :?: Typically that means a very soft and friendly dog which is NOT a good guardian.
                                                                                          • Some have said you are not ready for a large breed but I disagree. You have had may specific questions and have been determined to explore all options. I admire you for doing so much research before making a choice. Anyways :) I have Bull Boxers (AB X Boxer). They are great guardians and would never attack for no reason but are standoffish and will not let a stranger pet them. They will stop anybody who tries to come in the yard. They range from around 65-100lbs. We also have chihuahuas and my Bull Boxers are very good with them. They dont try to play rough with them, just seem to be very curious of the tiny dogs. As long as you get a big dog as a puppy it should be fine with your smaller dog.
                                                                                            • gsicard: by good temperment, I mean (similar to what bulltaterbullies said) a dog that is dedicated and loving with its family and somewhat standoffish with strangers but wouldn't attack without having a good reason. A dog that is alert for strangers in its territory, will watch what's going on carefully, but isn't a frothing at the mouth, snarling, barking maniac whenever someone walks down the street past our house. A dog that will watch visitors when they are invited into the home but won't need to be put in another room, like many Filas. At least, that's my idea of a good Boerboel temperment.
                                                                                              • While my experience is no where near some of the people on this board I have been the owner of a Rottweiler and am the current owner of a Cane Corso. With my Rottie I never once had a problem with him treating smaller dogs too rough. The same can be said for my Cane Corso. If I were to chose between the two breeds now having known both I would go with a Cane Corso. This is of course personal preference and just my opinion based on my experiences. It is important to learn all that you can and never stop training your dog, try your hardest to avoid situations that might end up being a problem. Too be honest New2Neo you seem to be taking this very seriously and I am sure you will inform your self as much as you need to. On a side note, I personally much prefer the Italian Cane Corso as opposed to the American bloodlines. Keep up the search and if there are any specific questions that you have feel free to PM me and I will do my best to help you out. MM.
                                                                                                • [quote1238572135=redneksamurai] I can sell you one of my Dachsund Bandogs. They are small, 20-30 lbs and full of muscle. They are all super-aggressive and kill trained from 6 weeks old to attack the junk with their lock-jaw. My Dachsund Bandogs which I lovingly term, Weiner-dogs-from-the-lowest-level-of-hell or WDFLLH acronym for short, which I will use from now on when referring to them, will protect you with their life. The MD admins were considering creating a profile for them, but after much debate Gary thought the breed too violent and aggressive to be sold to the public. As one of my WDFLLH's killed like two CO's at the same time in a fight. SOOOOO, you'll totally have to PM for info on this amazing breed I have created. er, anyway, maybe they are too hard for your needs, but should you want info anyway, just holler! [/quote1238572135] you know what youre talkin about, dude ;) check this out>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Fk8XnLG7W4&feature=related
                                                                                                  • [yt=width,height]3Fk8XnLG7W4[/yt] really cool and funny to set 4 upon a boar piglet !disgust
                                                                                                    • Johnson line American bulldog is a GREAT dog . Large enough (different bloodlines will range from 95 lbs up to 150 lbs) temperment is good , and drive is all you can handle , but not too much . My AB is 100% johnson line with alot of Mean machine blood . He is not quite 11 months , 97 lbs , 25 inches at shoulder . Get along well enough with my Feist hound(jack russel/rat terrier cross) who is 12 lbs, blind in one eye and rules the roost wwith an iron fist . The AB deffers to her even at food bowl, but does chase our cat and pin him without hurting him . Mr Johnson(RIP) who rescued the breed from extiction had a brush fire near his house , 2 of his AB's were fighting the fire , tearing down trees and alerting his family so they could clear the kennels and house . They were both BADLY burned , but lived . THAT is protection that MOST animals would not atempt .You cant go wrong with an AB of the JDJ american bulldog . If you have ANY questions about these dogs please e-mail me and I will get you some info on breaders close to you who can help/show you their dogs . ....[br][link={e_FILE}public/1251946398_17540_FT50595_miscpup_136.jpg][img:width=450&height=338]{e_FILE}public/1251946398_17540_FT50595_miscpup_136_.jpg">[/link][br][br][link={e_FILE}public/1251946398_17540_FT50595_jdj_show_09_012.jpg][img:width=450&height=338]{e_FILE}public/1251946398_17540_FT50595_jdj_show_09_012_.jpg">[/link][br]
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