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mastini-mayhem added a discussion

What a frustrating thing, to do to a dog show with healthy dogs only to bring back what acts like the plague to your kennel. This is what happened to me, I went to our breed Nationals with two dogs in their prime. Both were infected with Canine Influenza, the youngest went down quick. Stopped eating for four days, lethargic, discharge, throwing up/coughing with fever. Four so far have been infected now my matriarch of our kennel is fighting for her life, a senior dog coughing up blood due to some strangers negligence.

Follow protocol and keep dogs home during  and some time after, because you are not only risking your own dogs safety. But everyone else who happens to cross your path. 


admin added a post

One of the nice features of this system is that it allows you to create multiple profiles and easily switch between them and the most powerful feature for professionals (breeders, handlers, trainers, sitters, walkers, nutritionist, veterinarians, etc..) is that you can now create your own Organization,

Organizations allow you to create a profile for your business or profession that is separate yet connected to your personal profile. Your organization is where you can post your business related items such as your breeding, shows, performance events, wins and brags or any other pertinent information.

Give the Organizations a try! 

See an example here for Mayhem

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26 Oct 19
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What a frustrating thing, to do to a dog show with healthy dogs only to bring back what acts like th…
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