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An international consortium of scientists, led by Jeff Kidd, Ph.D. of University of Michigan, Jennifer R. S. Meadows of Uppsala University in Sweden, and Elaine A. Ostrander, Ph.D. of the NIH National Human Genome Research Institute, is using an unprecedentedly large database of canine DNA to take an unbiased look at how our furry friends evolved into the various breeds we know and love. Read more...

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The Old Tyme bulldog is quite new in the canine scene but it’s gaining popularity among bulldog enthusiasts for its robustness and laidback personality. Unlike its more popular cousin, the English Bulldog, the Old Tyme is not recognized by breed organizations. However, the breed is fast becoming a favorite for its docile temperament, loyalty, and adaptability.

The breed retains many of the bulldog characteristics that people come to love, but it remains unique in other aspects which Old Tyme bulldog owners must know so that they can provide the proper care and training it needs to stay fit and healthy.

History of the Breed

The Old Tyme bulldog came into existence due to bulldog enthusiasts wanting to bring back the old-fashioned bulldog that lived two centuries ago which was taller and had a longer muzzle and a smaller head that is proportional to its body.

Today’s bulldog is typically crossed with pugs to make changes in attitude and diminish the breed’s old working role in bear-baiting and dogfighting. This explains why the modern-day bulldog is a thickset low-slung version of the ancient bulldog.

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It is with great sadness that we have to report the loss of our wonderful Caucasian Ovcharka bitch, Pallada Ruski Izvor. Pallada suffered a neurological event that had her go from running to the fence line and patrolling our property to being unable to stand and walk. This happened in the space of three day as she was up and about on Friday and had to be relieved of her pain and discomfort yesterday when she was PTS by our vet.

Pallada enjoyed the run of 10 acres of land in Texas and was an excellent guardian of our property and animals. We are proud to have shared our lives with her and gave her a home where she could live a full and healthy life.

Happy hunting on the other side dear Pallada.

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The proposed standard revision of the Tibetan Mastiff by the parent club in the USA could set the stage for the breed to separate into two variants as has happened to the Akita.

In this article on one of my favorite dog sites Denise Flaim of Modern Molosser, beautifully describes the events surrounding the revision of the Mastiff ( Do-Khyi) Standard by the American Tibetan Mastiff Association (ATMA) a member club of the American Kennel Club (AKC).

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