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meet Bruno...our beautiful boy...

"If you or your veterinarian believe that your dog or cat has been injured in any way by a commercial pet food or treat, the FDA wants to hear from you. Visit the FDA web page, How to Report a Pet Food Complaint for a detailed explanation of how to file a complaint." ibid.

Yes, Gary, the AS evaluation and scoring seem rigorous for providing good 'protection and rescue dogs'. Godspeed to them and their graduates.

It is a custom lead that has buckles to which you can attach other leads.

I still have it so will find it and get a photo uploaded.

This is the best explanation of the history of feeding domestic dogs I have read. Gret post and very informative.

I spent some time on the PSA website and am very impressed with their stated goal and the organization of their Association. Seems to be well run and professional. Very nice. @Kevin and Debby Nicholson thanks for sharing this.

Added a news

In 2023, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspected three Nestlé Purina production facilities. All three manufacturing plants produce Purina ProPlan pet foods in addition to other brands owned by Nestlé Purina.

While the inspections predate the current concerns raised by pet owners regarding Purina ProPlan, the reports shed some light on the manufacturing and quality assurance practices at these locations. Read more

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